Four starting points


Each level adds detail to the previous one

You can start your SYNC exploration at any of four levels. The four levels of SYNC "Descriptions" are similar to a set of Russian nesting dolls, where each doll opens to reveal another smaller, similar one inside, except in this case each level of SYNC has more detail than the previous one, not less. Each of these levels or layers of SYNC expands your opportunity to grasp and move with the story.        


No matter where you choose to start, keep in mind that the big idea behind SYNC is that human life is part of a story God is unfolding for us. To SYNC means to go with the flow of that story, dancing with its complex rhythm.





How game-changers work

To "get in SYNC" with a game-changer is to accept it as a fact and live accordingly. To be out of SYNC with it is to pretend it never happened and to try to live the old way.

For example, when a country changes its paper currency, that changes the game of commerce. Some people might refuse to exchange their old money for new money, and they may still try to buy things with the old money as they always did. But the game has changed. Sellers will not sell to them.

Game-changers can also be changes that open new possibilities. The Internet, the smart phone, and YouTube were all game-changers. A person can choose to stay away as far as possible from all these, living as if the game has not changed, but this gets harder every year. 

If SYNC is right, most of the world's pain and suffering is here because so many people are seriously out of SYNC, living as if the six game-changers have not happened as SYNC describes them, and the seventh one never will. They are behind the times, stuck in their old patterns, trying to keep from making changes that would really help them. They either do not realize how God has changed the game or they do not want to go along with it.

Too complicated?

Don't despair! You don't have to figure out all the game-changers or all the layers before you can benefit from SYNC. It has several shortcuts built in, individual bits and pieces of SYNC that can work well for you as standalone activities.


For example, you can draw inspiration from the  meme for Life Season  as a standalone meme even if you have no idea what rhythm or game-changer it relates to. You can read the story, "A Matter of Life or Death," by itself and it will make sense to you even if you don't know anything about SYNC game-changers or rhythms. 

If you like to get the big picture before you start using something, go ahead and look at the pattern of icons, seasons, etc., but if that isn't you, don't go there. Just jump in, find some bit or piece that helps you do something you want to do, and let it start working for you.

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