Guide for "Life Season"
January 1 - February 16, 2021

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It's great to celebrate a New Year, and what better way to celebrate it than to start it out in SYNC with the intentions that the Creator had for the world when he started it all? It is a fantastic planet in a fantastic universe.

During Life Season, which climaxes in Carnaval/Mardi Gras on February 25th, we remember how good the world was in the beginning, and we praise the God who created it all. 

The SYNC icon for Life Season is blue and green to remind us of the water and the plants that sustain life.

The "5G Quick Overview" below will establish your high-speed connection to Life Season. Once you have that, go on with your preferred methods from these lists:
Catching onto the Life Rhythm - getting the idea and the feel of it
Moving with the Life Rhythm - letting it move you; living it out
As you catch and move with the Life Rhythm, you will discover who you are, and you will like what you are becoming under the influence of Jesus--a fountain of the water of life (or a spring, a bucket, a pipe, a water boy, an oasis, etc.--whatever works for you, but not a water balloon, a squirt gun, or a water cannon!) You will "See Yourself iN Christ," and people will become more alive just by being around you. They get blessed by the overflow of the life that the Creator keeps pumping into you.

The "5G" flow during Life Season

Quick preview of catching the Life Rhythm and moving with it


How's life?

How do we live life to the full and share as much life as we can with as many people as we can? The SYNC theory is that life is built or wired in a particular way, and the more we SYNC with that way, the more alive we are. When we get out of SYNC, life goes south. Quality of life suffers, and life may even be lost.

So what is that "particular way"? 

It's complicated, but SYNC puts seven handles on it for starters. We call them seven game-changers, specific points in the story of the world where God orchestrated something that took life up a level. Each game-changer is a new phase in his unfolding strategy for a better world. 


Less info, please . . .

Let's focus on just the first one of the seven for the time being (Jan. 1 - Feb. 16, Life Season). The game-changer for this season is the creation of the world. There was nothing. Then there was something. The game changed.

What does all this have to do with a better world?

If this game-changer is fake news, then we are all on our own to make a better world, however we define "better." But if the game-changer happened as the Bible sketches it for us, we have help, and there is hope of unity. Whenever we work for a better world, we see ourselves as aligning with the good intentions our good God had when he said the word that got it all started--""God said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light." (Genesis 1.3)

Then why doesn't God say, "Better world" and be done?

That would be the "Zap" strategy. He used that for the raw material of the universe, but for human beings he has opted for a different strategy. He allows us to participate in making a better world rather than just receiving it as a done deal. And that's what SYNC is about, participating with the strategy God is revealing by his game-changers and a lot of smaller things in between them. 


Every game-changer brings us a new gift. The gift we get from the first game-changer is our bodies, our planet, our universe. The earth and sky were not there until he said so, and then they were.


As humans we can imagine many things and with a few lines of code (our creative "words") we can create them from nothing in a virtual world, but that doesn't work for us in the real world. We even have a hard time defining "life" in the real world, much less creating it. We stand in awe of a God who has that power.

Get it

If we "get it," we realize how amazing of a gift this game-changer was and is. Nobody asked God to create the world. We didn't ask him to be born, and we didn't do anything to deserve it. God just gave life to us out of his own goodness. When that hits us, it is the "ah-hah moment" when something inside us changes. The world we live in will never look the same to us again. 

Go with it

After that, the natural response is to "Go with it," respecting the Owner's wishes and being grateful for the Owner's hospitality. That's the honorable thing to do since we are living on Someone else's property, guests in Someone else's world.

Unfortunately "going with it" is not what everyone does. There is some unnatural resistance to it, a built-in side of us that turns away from life and heads down the road to death instead. Part of us would rather be an owner than a guest. When we start acting like we own the place, remodeling however we wish or trampling his beautiful landscaping, we insult the real Owner and wear out our welcome.


But if we are guests and we act like guests, everything is as it should be. We are authentic human beings, grateful to the good God for his open-door policy, and not wanting to dishonor our gracious Host. We are fully alive, in SYNC with God's magnificent intentions when he spoke that first creative word.

Catching onto the Life Rhythm - getting the idea and the feel of it

Moving with the Life Rhythm - letting it move you; living it out