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Jan. 1 - Feb. 13, 2018

This will be the home page after beta testing. All this is new--first draft--so have at it.


Big question for testers: how intuitive are the four buttons? For you, how easy is it to select one and move on? Are the button names right? Should there be a fifth or sixth button?


Note on categories of exercises: In 2017 there was only one exercise menu with four color-coded categories--"spur of the moment, weekly, daily, and whenever". As the list of exercises got longer, I decided to split them up in two ways to make it easier for people to find exercises that fit them. First I split them into these four overlapping categories according to user goals. Second, as you will see when you click one of these four, I split each of the four menus by level of difficulty--"warm-ups, intermediate, and serious" exercises. 


To get started exploring SYNC, choose any exercise menu below, depending which thing you most want SYNC to help you do today.  





Start-up questions
Increase your security, confidence, significance, self-respect, and inner peace  
Not a lot. Basically that you are better off in SYNC with Jesus than out of SYNC with him.

Any of these starting points will take you to a mix of warm-up, intermediate, and serious exercise options. Some exercises are listed in more than one of the above locations. If those buttons are confusing, start anywhere. Or try the "Overview" tab for more introduction before you choose one of these menus. 

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