No matter what your week ahead looks like, you have the choice to live it in SYNC with Christ or out of SYNC. The default is to keep slipping out of SYNC, which makes for a rough week. Any of the following questions will help you stay in SYNC.    ​

  • What happened last week that frees me up for living as a forgiven, forgiving person this week? What did Christ do in me, show me, or convince me of?
           (Thank him for it.)


  • How is Christ's forgiveness changing me a week at a time? What kind of person am I turning into?
           (The clearer your get this, the more motivated you are to SYNC with him.)


  • What are known or likely forgiveness challenges for next week? 
           (Don't carry unforgiven things over into a new week. Destroy them by forgiving them.)  

  • What opportunities may I have to share Christ's forgivenes or help others find it?
           (Be alert for these. In Christ, you are a forgiveness carrier. Much of the world's pain is due to a serious forgiveness shortage.)  ​​

  • Bottom line:  What SYNC exercises and/or other things will I build into my week so I am in position to make the most of every opportunity to forgive?

Looking ahead to your week

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