Looking ahead to your week

No matter what your week ahead looks like, you have the choice to live it in SYNC with Christ or out of SYNC. The default is to keep slipping out of SYNC, which makes for a rough week. Any of the following questions will help you stay in SYNC.    ​

  • How does my next week look if I remember I am living in a world God created, and every day is a gift? 
           (So easy to forget to think of life this way, and so refreshing to remember it.) 

  • What opportunities may I have to be a "fountain of the water of life," overflowing so others benefit?

               (Be alert for these chances. People are dying for a drink of the water you already are drinking.          There is plenty for them too!)​

  • The enemy of Christ is on a mission to "steal, kill, and destroy". (Jn. 10.10) Which victims of his can I pray for, stick up for, and encourage this week?

               (We do not have to control the world to do our mission, but we do have to speak up for the                victimized and help them as we are able.)

  • Bottom line:  What SYNC exercises and/or other things will I build into my week so I live with all the life, health, strength, and joy God intended when he created Life?

P.S.  SYNCing is like breathing. If you can hold your breath for a week, you can go without any SYNC exercises for a week too.

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