Looking back at your week

Seeing yourself in Christ is a day at a time and week at a time process. End your week with one or more of these questions.   ​

  • How would last week have been different if God were making me work off all my sin debt instead of forgiving it? 
           (Thank God for what he erased so we don't have to work it off.)

  • Did I react in an unforgiving way to anything that was done to me? If so, what do I need to do now to fix that and prevent it the next time?
           (Remember that Christ died to spread forgiveness. If I refuse to forgive, I am going against the purpose he gave his life for.) 

  • Did I abuse God's forgiveness or take it for granted, thinking I could hold onto it even if I do not forgive others?
           (If so, remember this is not negotiable for Christ. Ask his forgiveness for getting out of SYNC with his warnings in Mt. 6.14-15.)

  • Did I help anyone else forgive someone or something? How did that happen? 
           (Praise God for the privilege of being a carrier of forgiveness.) 

  • Bottom line: Is there more forgiveness in the world today than there would be if I had not lived the past week the way I lived it?
           (If the answer is yes, then heaven's transforming power is coming to earth, just as Jesus said it is. The purpose of his death is being fulfilled.)

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