The goal of Life Season, January 1-February 13, is to get this meme on your mind and watch what God does then. 


Glancing at the meme or repeating the words to yourself takes no time from your schedule but it helps SYNC you. It affects how you See Yourself iN Christ.

Meme = Declaration + Prayer + Image

The meme is a summary of the whole point of Life Season. The tricky part is that both the Life Declaration and the Life Prayer in the meme are profoundly simple. They make sense even to a child, and yet the great minds of the world will never really exhaust them. They never get old. They keep getting you ready for the next challenge. Try them and see.

The Life Declaration

The "Life Declaration" is, "This is a creation day, and we are alive." 


The Life Declaration changes the way we look at our day. It reminds us that every day is a gift from the Author of Life.

The Declaration takes us back to the dawn of time, the first verse in the Bible, "In the beginning, God createed the heavens and the earth" (Gen. 1.1)


Imagine that! We start every day in SYNC with the dawn of time! Something to celebrate--and it gets even better as it sinks in.


  • We are not alone. We did not create ourselves.

  • We don't have to justify our existence or our value. The Creator already did that when he invented us.

  • We are not lost or aimless. We are not just clusters of atoms. The Creator had a purpose for us.

  • We have to depend on the Creator a day at a time. We don't know whether we will still be alive tomorrow or even tonight, but we are alive now, so we will live this day gratefully in SYNC with the intentions the Creator has for us.


The Life Declaration does not guarantee an ideal day like the picture. Some days may still be terrible, but every day has to be interpreted in light of the facts of creation:

  1. This world started out beautiful and good, just like its Creator.

  2. If my day is lousy or turbulent, something is out of SYNC with the Creator.

  3. All problems are temporary. In the end, the Creator's plan will work, and beauty and peace are restored.

The Life Prayer

The "Life Prayer" is, "Make us a fountain of the water of Life. Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow."


The Life Prayer SYNCs us with God's intentions when he created the world in the first place. It carries us back in time to the dawn of humanity in the Garden of Eden.


We get to bless others by receiving Life from God, so much of it that we overflow with it and those around us benefit. This is our dance, our way of moving in SYNC with the drumbeat of creation.


There is nothing better we can do with our day than that. In SYNC with Christ, we become people that others are glad to have around. Even if they are not in SYNC with Christ themselves, they will thank God that we are and that we act like it. (Mt. 5.16)

Life is only the first of the seven gifts of God we celebrate in the annual SYNC cycle, but what a great start! We will add the others later--roots, freedom, power, mercy, grit, and vision. 

The world is dying around us, sometimes slowly like a cut flower, sometimes explosively like a dying star, sometimes repulsively like a rotting log, sometimes agonizingly like a thirsty animal lost in a desert.

We have been rescued from death and the fear of death so that we can bring life and the joy of life to everyone we touch. Let it flow!

The Life Image

The meme image (top of page) shows a small stream beautifully bringing life to its surroundings. In SYNC with Christ, this is what we get to do every day. 

He came so people would have Life, "more and better life than they ever dreamed of." (Jn. 10.10, The Message)


Of course, the Life we will live today is not nearly as ideal as it was in the beginning of creation and will be again at the end. For the time being, we are living life in the middle of a world terribly out of SYNC with its Creator.

But let us not complain about the world being out of SYNC. Let's make sure we are not out of SYNC ourselves, making the world's problem worse. We are supposed to be the solution to the problem, channels of the Life of Christ that pulls the world out of its death spiral. 

BTW, will today be boring for you? If it will, you did not get the point of this column. There is tons of pain in our world, tons of tragedy, bitterness, injustice, and billions of people indulging themselves in ways of "living" that are actually ways of dying. It's hard to get bored when there is so much to do, so many places to aim the water of Life.


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