Make the World Better

If you want to make a difference in the world, See Yourself iN Christ. Jesus Christ is good for the world. In SYNC with him, so are you.

The authentic self you discover through SYNC is your giving self not your selfish self. Those two selves are in conflict. As you SYNC with Christ, the selfish self withers, the giving self blossoms, and the world is better off.

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Jan. 1 - Feb. 13, 2018


Note on intro text: (the band at the top plus the two paragraphs just above the menu) Too much text before they get to the menu? Or is it as necessary as I am thinking it is?

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Exercise menu -- Making the world better

More power to you as you ​make the world better.


For best results, read the next two paragraphs before you start doing the exercises.

The world has the problems and pain it does because it is out of SYNC. The more it SYNCs with Christ, the better things get, but it is hard for most people to recognize this or accept it.


Give them a break. Don't tell them. Show them. You do a few exercises to get more in SYNC with Christ yourself. When you get rolling, they start catching on, and they start changing their worlds like you changed yours. Let's roll.


Broken links in the exercise menu: In the link labels, "COMING" means the exercise is still being prepared, and the link is inactive. "OLD" means the exercise is leftover from Glory Season in December. The link is active but the content is for the wrong season. Use an "OLD" link if you want to see how a particular exercise works, but do not comment in detail on the "Glory Season" content. As I update these for Life Season, I will mark them  "NEW" so you can check them out if you want. 


Big question for testers:

Though most menu items are not available yet, do these buttons have enough info that you would be OK clicking on some of them (once they are live), or do you feel lost?


Note on this "better world menu"

The draft below is only a copy of the menu on the "Connect" page. If you tested that one, don't bother with this one. There will be lots of overlap between the two even after this page gets customized.

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