The core idea of SYNC is that just as you are wired in a certain way,  the universe is also wired in a certain way.


When those two wirings are out of SYNC, you decide whether to try to SYNC with the universe or stick with your own wiring and get the universe to come to terms with you.  

SYNC (See Yourself iN Christ) is built on the premise that the wiring of the universe is centered in Jesus Christ. SYNC with him and we SYNC with it.


But of course, this only works if we trust him to do some rewiring of us. If we want to stay wired exactly as we are today, we choose not to SYNC. His wiring will not change to suit us. We take it or leave it. 

Any of the three overviews below will help you see what you will be getting into if you let Jesus start rewiring. 


Why doesn't everybody love us if we are good people with a good message for them? 


It's about control. Lots of people are going to kick against any message that tells them to hand control of their life over to someone else. That's what we are saying Christ wants them to do.

The SYNC story is the story of the Bible (1000+ pages) condensed to a page or two. It is the story of the world, a panorama from creation to the return of Jesus Christ.


The aim of SYNC is to help you take your rightful place in that story. 

There are seven SYNC versions of this one story. Each covers the whole story but brings out one particular strand of it, whichever is the theme of the current SYNC season.

The SYNC seasons are not mentioned by name in the story. They are marked in the green banner that runs down the right side of the page. 

As you go through the annual SYNC cycle, read the story from the various angles. Gradually you will build up a more complete picture, one that will be clear enough you could tell it to somebody--and we hope you will.

The goal of Courage Season is to carry our cross courageously as Jesus did. We faithfully endure and stay true to Christ no matter what we suffer for it.


We do not generate courage. We have it injected into us by the Holy Spirit as we focus on Christ carrying his cross. His courage is highly contagious. If we get anywhere near him, it rubs off on us. 

But if we chicken out of difficult situations, our part of the process stalls. We block what Christ is promoting! We simply can't let that happen if we keep our eyes on Christ's courage when his life was on the line. 

Even our enemies can marvel when they see us acting with courage that defies human explanation. (Phil. 1.27-30) They know they can kill us, but they also find out they can't break us. That means they will never control us. It is not their threats but Christ's honor that determines our life and death choices. 

When what we want for ourselves is the same thing Jesus Christ wants for us, we have inner peace. Otherwise there is tension and turbulence inside because we were designed to SYNC with Jesus like a gasoline engine was designed to run on gasoline. When we SYNC with Christ, we are doing what we were designed for.


It all comes down to trust. Do we trust what Jesus wants for us more than we trust what we want for ourselves? Do we trust his judgment more than our own judgment?

Do we trust him even when his way will will bring risk or pain we want to avoid? Do we stick with him courageously through the pain or cave in to it?

We stick with him if we realize where Courage Season fits in the annual cycle of SYNC. It is the sixth of seven seasons. For five seasons we have seen how God is consistently working out his plan for our good.


When his enemies hit us because we are in SYNC with him, it does not mean God has changed his plan or lost control. He is still on target and on schedule, heading through Courage Season to the final season of the cycle--Glory Season.


We draw courage from looking ahead just as Jesus did: "Because of the joy awaiting him, he endured the cross, disregarding its shame. Now he is seated in the place of honor beside God’s throne." (Heb. 12.2, NLT) 

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