The Forgiveness Declaration in the meme is meant to be memorized. "This is a Day of Atonement, and we forgive."      



The Forgiveness Prayer in the meme is also meant to be memorized. "Make us a channel of your grace, Lord. We'll forgive. We'll forgive. We'll forgive."



The Forgiveness Weapon is also meant to be memorized. "For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins." Mt. 6.14-15 (NIV)


Being proactive 

The meme is a memory trigger. Put it somewhere you will see it often--on your device, next to your bed, on a wall or mirror, etc. If you enjoy graphic arts, redesign it to suit yourself.

Set a reminder on your device once or more per day to say the Declaration and Prayer from memory.

Entrances. Get into the habit of saying the Declaration and Prayer every day as you enter a situation, for example, as you walk toward the door of your workplace or school.

E-mail signature. Use the Declaration in your e-mail signature, possibly with a link to the SYNC Forgiveness Season overview. It will trigger your memory and may help you get your e-mails in SYNC with the mind of Christ. That is a plus whether anybody uses the link or not.

Colored objects can be a trigger. Red (sacrificial blood) is the color for Forgiveness Season. You can wear something red every day. Hang a red cord from a doorway, steering wheel, or lamp. Put a red stone in your pocket, etc.

T-shirt. Choose "Forgiveness Season," the Freedom Declaration, "Forgiveness Agent," "SYNCed with Forgiveness," or some other quote and get a T-shirt printed to remind you and to get the word out.

If you are creative, design your own SYNC exercises to meet your own criteria -- meaningful, doable, personal, artsy, quick, easy, cheap, memorable, sharable, teachable, etc. Here are a few starters, but don't be limited to these.


The problem person.  Think of a way to associate the Forgiveness Declaration with your problem person whenever you see or think of him/her. This person may be doing or have done unspeakable things to you, or perhaps they were small things that packed a big insult. 


Remember that the Forgiveness Declaration cleans and heals the festering wound you got from the problem person. The wound will start to heal as you forgive, but not before. 


The Declaration puts God's truth ("You can forgive") straight up against the voice in your head ("I can't forgive that!") God's truth wins.

A new insult or wrong. There is a 100% chance that during the eight weeks of Forgiveness Season, somebody will do something to you that they should not do. How will you react?

The meme will prepare you to react well to the inevitable. If you have it ingrained in you, it gives you a choice to forgive.

People push your "ANGER" button, and the button does not work. The meme disables it. And you realize you are not a person who feels a certain way because people push a certain button.


You are much freer than that. You have a choice, and you exercise your choice by forgiving instead of reacting tit for tat, cutting them down with gossip, scheming, or strong-arming them.

Self-designed methods

If I forgive others, won't they take advantage of me?

Not if you do it right. Forgiveness is never supposed to be seen as permission for the next time.

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