Wake-up questions

Seeing yourself in Christ is a day at a time process. Start your day with one or more of these questions, the spiritual equivalent of a strong cup of coffee. 


  • Did I notice any evidence of Christ's forgiveness yesterday?
           (If so, thank him.)


  • How is Christ's forgiveness changing me a day at a time? What kind of person am I turning into?
           (The clearer your get this, the more motivated you are to SYNC with him and the more relaxed you are as you do it.)


  • Is my slate clean? Am I holding anything against anybody? Do I need to ask anyone for forgiveness?
           (Wipe the slate as clean as you want Jesus to wipe the slate of your sins.)


  • Where in my day today do I expect to be treated badly? Is there anything I can "pre-forgive" so I don't react badly when it happens?
           (This only works if you keep looking at how Christ forgave you. The meme helps you focus there.) 


  • What opportunities may I have to share Christ's forgiveness or help others find it?
           (Be alert for these. In Christ, you are a forgiveness carrier. Much of the world's pain is due to a serious forgiveness shortage.) ​​

  • Bottom line:  What SYNC exercises and/or other things will I build into my day so I am in position to make the most of every opportunity to forgive?

If I forgive others, won't they take advantage of me?

Not if you do it right. Forgiveness is never supposed to be seen as permission for the next time.

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