What will SYNC do for me? 

It will create the worst identity crisis of your life, and take you through that to the most authentic life you could possibly live.

If, like most people, you have been thinking that the real, authentic you is the person you were wired to be, Christ gives you a problem.  As you begin to SYNC with him, he is going to tell you that your wiring and your destiny do not match as neatly as you assumed.


In fact, if you stick with your current wiring, you will never get to your destiny. The authentic you is in your future not your past, but you will never live that authentic future unless you trust Christ to do some rewiring.


SYNC opens you up to that rewiring. Gradually you become the real authentic you, the person God had in mind when he created you in the first place. The process will vary a lot depending who you are and what you have been through, but the following basic benefits are always part of your destiny if you SYNC (See Yourself iN Christ). 

Security, confidence, significance

Security in SYNC comes from what God has already done that no one can undo. In Forgiveness Season, the God-thing is Christ's presentation of his own atoning blood on the heavenly altar (Heb. 9.11-14). We are secure because we know that nobody can undo what our High Priest did for us. No one has the authority to cancel it. It's over. 


Confidence comes when we realize how Christ's atoning sacrifice has changed the game for us today. It sealed the new deal (or "covenant") between heaven and earth. It paid the ransom that set us free. It purified us from our old ways of choosing, and we are never going back there. (Heb. 9.14-15). 


Significance comes when we confidently sign up to do what Christ had in mind for us to do when he put his purifying blood on the heavenly altar. We are "forgiveness agents."


We live in SYNC with God's plan to take over and transform the world through the power of forgiveness instead of by brute strength or just by saying the word. We forgive so people can see why Jesus made his atoning sacrifice, and they can praise him for it. 

Note: Each SYNC meme is structured to reinforce our security, confidence, and significance. The security and confidence are in the Declaration. The significance is in the Prayer, where we accept our mission.

In SYNC with Christ and his reign, we can actually live with the intention to bless everybody, even our enemies or abusers. We can look ourselves in the mirror and honestly say, "I don't hate anybody." This does wonders for our self-respect.


This is not because we think we are better than anybody else. We know we could not make ourselves love our enemies, but we are happy when we see that change happen.


Christ is changing us inside at a deeper level than we can consciously change. That is why the SYNCing process gives us plenty to celebrate but nothing to boast about. 

We are like people plucked by helicopter from flood waters. None of them ever say, "Wow, did you see me sit still in that rescue basket so I would not fall out? Wasn't I something?" No, they all point to the rescuers.

Inner peace

When what we want for ourselves is the same thing Jesus Christ wants for us, we have inner peace. Otherwise we have to live with tension and turbulence inside because we were designed to SYNC with Jesus like a gasoline engine was designed to run on gasoline. We don't run well when we are out of SYNC with him. 


It all comes down to trust. Do we trust what Jesus wants for us more than we trust what we want for ourselves? Do we trust his judgment more than our own judgment?


It is extremely risky to trust anyone or anything in that way. SYNC claims that Jesus is worthy of that trust. We can never trust him too much for our own good because he always has our good in mind. Our "good" may not be the same thing as our comfort or our preference, but we let Jesus make that call.

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