How "Courage Season" works

Courage Season

Oct. 1-Nov. 22, 2017


            This is a day of risk, and we have courage.

What it means

            Astonishingly, when people live in Christ's freedom, show his power, share his forgiveness, and do good in his name, they often hit stiff social and/or political opposition. They are seen as threats, misfits, or traitors. Living in Christ therefore carries a high risk. The New Testament is full of instructions about how to deal with opposition as a normal fact of life in Christ. We face it with courage, anchored in our faith and in the example of Jesus on the cross.


How it brings security and significance

            Jesus gave us all the warning, the example, and the internal strength we need to endure. In times of persecution, our endurance is our significance. Our faith does not break and our God does not abandon us.


The sneaky cultural assumption the Courage Declaration exposes

            The safety and security of me and my family are more valuable than anything.

Truth and plausibility in the assumption

            If you love your family, their safety and security are very important to you.

God’s corrections to the assumption

            Even safety and security have to be given up sometimes. Jesus gave them up for the sake of his mission when the time came, and we are to do the same.

The philosophical lie this declaration exposes

            The lie is, "If you trust God and do good things, you should expect that life will go well and comfortably for you. If that does not happen, God has let you down. Don't trust him any more."

The insecurity and suffering the lie brings if not exposed

            Loss of faith when life gets difficult; justification of any force used to maintain the good life

Response in our character if we understand the above

            Grit. We have what it takes to endure because Jesus had what it took to endure, and he lives in us. 

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