Winning "COVID-19" Songs

SYNC is pleased to announce six co-winners in our contest for songs to help people during COVID time.


Their work shows what we prayed our contest would show---that little-known songwriters using basic video technology can contribute a lot to God's mission to heal and bless the world. May their work inspire many other "ordinary" songwriters to follow suit.


If you can write a COVID-related song as good as these (or even better?) and you would like our help spreading the word about your song, see "Your Song as a COVID Vaccine." You may also wish to connect with the winners and other songwriters by joining the Facebook group, "SYNC 2020 Contests."

Global division winners (any language except English)

English division winners

Honorable Mention - get your song added here??

[This space is blank for now. Your song could be listed here if it meets the same criteria that the winners met, that is, songs must be linked both to COVID and to one of SYNC's seven themes, as explained on the page, "Your Song as a COVID Vaccine."] 

Contests in 2021

SYNC will run another contest next year with the same two divisions, English and global. Winners will receive cash prizes plus their registration fee for the GCAMM (Global Consultation on Arts and Music in Mission) on-line conference in July.