Winning "COVID-19" Songs

SYNC is pleased to announce six winners in our contest for songs to help people during COVID time. 

Global division (any language except English)

  • "Ralentis" (Slow Down), French, by Glachichi Storee, Senegal

  • "Faraja" (Solace), Swahili, by Steven Chuchu, Tanzania

  • "Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum" (Sometimes Joy, Sometimes Pain), Hindi, by Shanta and Milan Rijal, Nepal  

English division

  • "This Way" by Melissa Michaels, USA/Africa

  • "The King and the Dragon" by David Oluseyi Ige, Nigeria/Gambia

  • "Loving Life" by Caleb Ige, Nigeria/Gambia

How to get your song considered for inclusion on this page

We are creating an "Honorable Mention" list for additional songs that meet the same criteria we used for the contest, that is, songs must be linked both to COVID and to one of SYNC's seven themes. How to do this

Music as a "COVID vaccine"


Music won't vaccinate us against the virus but it can vaccinate us against a lot of unhealthy responses to the pandemic--boredom, anxiety, escapist behavior, resentment, frustration, depression, despair. Music can also be a way to bless others, especially first responders, with a positive message of thanks, encouragement, and prayer. 

Old favorites can do this in a way and so can our ordinary worship music. Even secular music can do it to some extent, like "Good Job" by Alicia Keys. This is a fine song of thanks and encouragement to first responders, but God is nowhere in the picture. We can add the deeper dimensions of God's story in songs the Spirit gives us to bless the world in this time.


Here are some ideas that may connect with a song you are already working on or give you a new idea to start on. They are arranged under the seven themes or phases of SYNC, each related to one game-changing event in the flow of the biblical story from Genesis to Revelation.


One thing is sure. This list of ideas does no one any good by itself. The Spirit has to move songwriters, and they have to respond, creating songs that bless the people around them. Is the Spirit nudging you as you look at the list?

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