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Daily declaration - Power

The Power Declaration (daily reminder of the "big idea")
We see ourselves in Christ as walking evidence of God's power for good. We will live this day in SYNC with the intentions of King Jesus when he sent the Holy Spirit onto his original followers on Pentecost Day. 


This is a day to remember the Holy Spirit's arrival on Pentecost Day, and to live like it matters. (This version is included in the "default wording" for the Jubilee Cards.)
This is a day to remember the arrival of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Day, giving Jesus's followers the power he had promised them.
This is a Pentecost Day, and we have power.
Use the above or any similar wording to keep the power of the Holy Spirit on your mind as you go through your day. Stay alert for people who live in a permanent state of power shortage and don't know there is any other option. God did not intend for any human being to live like that, and you could be God's way of connecting them to the power he intended for everybody.
The more God's power flows through more and more people, the more famous Jesus gets as the power source, and the more the kingdom of darkness crumbles. That is what we are evidence of.
FAQs about the Declaration


1. What is the point of making a "Power Declaration" at all? 

Fearlessness, significance, and a smile that lasts all day.  

Fearlessness because by repeating the Power Declaration, we take control of our day instead of letting it dictate things to us. We set the tone for the day, and the tone relates to the fact the King Jesus is spreading his power all over the world through people who house his Spirit in their bodies. Our fearlessness is part of the evidence of that, and it is very logical. If God's power is working for us, who can overpower us?  

Significance because "walking evidence" is the central part of the campaign to spread heaven's power across the world after the enthronement of Jesus. What could be more fulfilling than having a central role in his campaign?

A smile because it is so satisfying to discover each day a little more of the meaning of living as evidence of God's power. We love it but we never really get to the bottom of it. We never totally understand how the power does what it does. But who cares? There is more joy in watching it than in trying to explain it.

2. Can I honestly make this declaration if I'm not convinced about the story about the Holy Spirit enabling people to speak all those languages on Pentecost Day (Acts 2.1-11)?


Surprisingly, you can. The arrival of the power of the Spirit in your life does not depend on whether you believe the Pentecost story or not. It depends entirely on something else. Have you said "Yes" to Jesus? Have you asked him to "SYNC" you with his strategy for the world?

That "Yes" is the basis for the power flowing into you, regardless of how many doubts you may still have about the Pentecost story or some other parts of the Bible. Once the Spirit moves into your life, you will notice gradual changes at many levels, including your respect for the reliability of the stories of the Bible. But if a lot of them look like legends to you right now, don't get hung up there. Look at Jesus, the living Messiah who is still spearheading his campaign to change thee world. Decide whether to say, "SYNC me." Nothing happens till you decide to go that far.

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