Daily declaration - Freedom

The Freedom Declaration (daily reminder of the "big idea")
We see ourselves in Christ as activists in his campaign to bring in the new era of freedom. We will live this day in SYNC with the intentions of King Jesus when he issued the Freedom Declaration


This is a day to remember the resurrection of Jesus, and to live like it matters. (This version is included in the "default wording" for the Jubilee Cards.)
This is a day to remember the resurrection of Jesus. It proved his right to issue the Freedom Declaration, which changes everything.
This is a Resurrection Day, and we are free.
Use the above or any similar wording to keep King Jesus and his Freedom Declaration on your mind as you go through your day. You are a member of his freedom campaign team, so stay alert for people who are living in chains they would love to be rid of. As a freedom activist, offer them a bolt-cutter, that is, citizenship in the kingdom of freedom that Jesus rules. Get them connected to him and his freedom campaign.
The more freedom you get to activate in other people, the more you will thank God for the privilege of being an activist. Of course, you will make a few enemies along the way--all the people who want to keep others in chains. But freedom activists are proud to have enemies like that. 
FAQs about the Declaration


1. What is the point of us repeating a "Freedom Declaration" every day? 

Liberation, significance, and a smile that lasts all day.  

Liberation because by repeating the Freedom Declaration, we take control of our day instead of letting it dictate things to us. We set the tone for the day, and the tone relates to the new era of freedom that Jesus declared in his hometown. Today is part of that era. Jesus came to bring freedom to everyone, and our declaration--"This is a day to remember the Resurrection, and to live like it matters"--stakes our claim to our share of it.

Significance because freedom activists are the central part of the strategy Jesus launched to spread his freedom to the world after his resurrection. What could be more fulfilling than that role?

A smile because it is so satisfying to discover each day a little more of the meaning of living as free citizens of the kingdom that Jesus rules. We love it but we never really get to the bottom of it. The idea never gets old. The feeling of joy never wears off. The freedom never runs out.

2. Can I honestly make this declaration if I'm not convinced about the resurrection story?


Not really, but you can live this day experimentally if you are so inclined. If Jesus was not brought back into life in his body, it means that his Freedom Declaration is only an ideal, not a fact established by a God-appointed King. We can try to live up to great ideals, but it is up to us. 

On the other hand, suppose he was actually resurrected. Suppose God set it all up in advance with Jesus as the center of his freedom-bringing strategy for the whole of human history. (Such a set-up does not mean the people were puppets. The people who sentenced him to death did not later say, "What were we thinking? I don't know what came over us when we were did that. We were not ourselves." No, they could have explained their reasons for doing what they did, and why they would do exactly the same again if they were given a do-over.) 

Suppose God did set it up and Jesus's body did not stay in that stone burial chamber. Suppose we really are living in an era of freedom, healing, and deliverance. Imagine how your day would be different if you saw yourself as a free citizen of the kingdom of Jesus. Then, as far as you are willing, live your day from that perspective and see what happens.


If you are having a hard time imagining how people live when they see themselves as part of God's "Freedom Strategy," poke around the "Moving with the Freedom Rhythm" section of the site or ask a friend who believes it. If you think the resurrection sounds too far-fetched or unscientific, see FAQ here.