The Life Declaration (daily reminder of the "big idea"
This is a Creation Day, and we are alive! 

This is a day to remember that God created the world, and to live like it matters. (This version is included in the "default wording" for the Jubilee Cards.)
This is a day to remember that God created the world, and to live like that changes everything.

Use this or similar wording to keep the creation of our amazing world on your mind as you go through your day. Let every plant you see and every sip of water you take remind you of that. If you like spectacular reminders, see the free daily astronomy photos from NASA

As we focus on the beauty and goodness of life in our amazing world, the Source of life pumps more of it into us and we overflow with it. We actually restrict the flow if we over-think it, that is, if we keep trying harder to deliver more life or if we spend too much time measuring how we are doing as life-bringers.
We need to keep turning our attention back to genuine enjoyment of life and creation. That's why God put a day of rest into the week, a day to kick back, savor everything, and achieve nothing. 24/7 is for machines. God has a better idea--rhythm!
FAQs about the Declaration


1. What is the point of making a "Life Declaration" at all? 

A Life Declaration is a great defense against other things or other people who would like to define us. With the Declaration, we define ourselves.


As people in SYNC with Jesus, members of his campaign team, we are authorized to declare this central fact about the origin of life, so if you are in SYNC, go ahead and use your authority. Shape your world. Make your day by repeating whichever version of the Declaration works best for you.

Notice that the Declaration does not say we can prove this. It just declares it. If that sounds unscientific, remember that all scientists also have a "Life Declaration" whether they say it every morning or not. It would go something like this, "This is a day to remember that we have no scientific idea about how life began, so we cannot say scientifically whether or not the whole universe has any source or any purpose."


Some scientists go further: "Since we cannot scientifically prove that God did create the universe, he didn't," but that reasoning is very unscientific! Solid science leaves the question open.


When the question is open, some of us are declaring that a very good God did create a very good world and that we are choosing to live our lives in SYNC with all the good things he had in mind when he created it. That is why we say to God all the time, "SYNC me!"

2. Can I honestly make this declaration if I'm not totally convinced that the universe started in the mind of God? 


Not really, but you can experiment if you are so inclined. "Today I'm going to live as if I believed God created the world, whether I fully believe it or not." See what happens.


If you want more info about how people live when they believe that, poke around the "Moving with the Life Rhythm" section of the site or ask a friend who believes it.