The Roots Declaration (daily reminder of the "big idea") 
We see ourselves in Christ as fulfillments of God's ancient promise to bless the world through Abraham's descendants. We will live this day in SYNC with God's intentions when he made that promise.  

This is a day to remember that God promised to bless the world through Abraham's descendants, and to live like it matters. (This version is included in the "default wording" for the Jubilee Cards.)
This is a day to remember that God promised to bless the world through Abraham's descendants, and to live like that changes everything.

This is an Abraham Day, and we are rooted.

Use the above or any similar wording to keep God's "Abraham strategy" on your mind as you go through your day. Every single person you see is a potential blessing target. Stay alert for opportunities to connect, heal, or bless people, and keep asking God for more. Remember it is his idea, his campaign. It's not a project you have to design or figure out.
The more blessing you get to deliver, the better you feel at the end of the day. "It is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20.35) 
FAQs about the Declaration


1. What is the point of making a "Roots Declaration" at all? 

Self-defense, significance, and not waking up grouchy.


By making a Roots Declaration, we affirm that God has defined us as part of his campaign team (or global movement). No one can take those roots away from us because no one can undo what God did through Abraham. The Declaration reminds us how secure our identity is. 


Since the purpose of the campaign team is to bless the world, it is a very significant group to be part of. And every time we bless someone in any way, we are part of the fulfillment of God's ancient promise. No one can tell us that any other group loyalty or any other cause is more significant than that.


As for waking up grouchy (which a OnePoll study said is true for the average American about 300 days per year!) humans were never designed to be content when we are feeling insecure or insignificant. We don't sleep well. We don't look forward to a day as it begins. And we feel bad about being grouchy, which makes us more grouchy.

When we do wake up grouchy, the Roots Declaration raises our sights. It gets our attention back onto our privilege of being rooted in God's promise to Abraham. Our purpose is great--to bless everyone we can. With that mission, we feel good about ourselves. We will never be aimless or bored, two other common sources of grouchiness. 

As people in SYNC with Jesus, we are authorized to declare that God's campaign is designed to connect, heal, and bless the whole world. His strategy is to use the campaign team or God-movement to bless all other groups. So if you are in SYNC, go ahead and use your authority. Shape your world. Make your day by repeating whichever version of the Declaration works best for you. (If you aren't sure what "in SYNC" means, check out "SYNC me!")

2. Can I honestly make this declaration if I'm not totally convinced that Abraham even existed, much less that God made any such promise to him?  


Not really, but you can live this day experimentally if you are so inclined. Suppose it's true. Suppose God is using the "Abraham Strategy," working through his own team of humans and directing that team to bless all humans? Imagine how your day would be different if you saw yourself as part of that ancient and modern campaign team. Then, as far as you are willing, live your day from that perspective and see what happens.


If you are having a hard time imagining how people live when they see themselves as part of God's "Abraham Strategy," poke around the "Moving with the Roots Rhythm" section of the site or ask a friend who believes it. If you think the strategy sounds unfair or might make people arrogant, see more FAQs here.