Daily prayers - Freedom

The Freedom Prayers invite God to SYNC us with the big idea of Freedom SeasonThe prayers are not a way of trying harder to be a little better. They are a way of inviting Jesus, the Freedom King, to SYNC us. He includes as free citizens of his kingdom so we can become freedom activists, inviting others to become as free as we are.
Choose any prayer style below that will best keep you in SYNC with the Freedom King. If/when you realize you are out of SYNC, admit it to God, and any of these prayers will help you get back in SYNC. 

1. Set of seven informal prayers to use in a weekly cycle     

These are based on the seven Jubilee Verses that bring out different parts of the Freedom Rhythm. Use this option if you like the idea of "praying Scripture," and if variety helps you focus.
2. Same formal prayer every day for the whole Season
Make us a drum declaring freedom is here. Let it beat. Let it beat. Let it beat. 
Use this option if you like repetition and want to drill in the basic idea. Switch the drum to a horn, a "Liberty Bell," or whatever else would be used to make a freedom announcement in your setting.
3. Simplest way -- no cards at all
"SYNC us with your intentions for all citizens of the kingdom of freedom." This ties you each day to the two-word prayer for all seven SYNC seasons--"SYNC us." It is based on the Lord's Prayer. A good option if you want something that will work without having to look at cards.
4. Write/say your own prayer(s)
Prayer is not "one-size-fits-all." Please adjust any of the above to fit you better, or start over and create your own prayers from scratch. Whatever SYNC's you with King Jesus and his Freedom Declaration is fine! (The Declaration is in Luke 4:18-19.)
5. Bedtime prayer
Like mealtimes, bedtime is a great time to thank Jesus for launching the kingdom of freedom and inviting us to become part of it. We even get to be activists for it, inviting others to join. Nothing helps us sleep better than that because nothing else gives us more security or significance than that. With or without the Jubilee Cards, we can look back at our day and thank God for all he has set us free from and all he has set us free to participate in. Good night, you soul-satisfied brother or sister.