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Daily prayers - Honor

The Honor Prayers invite God to SYNC us with the big idea of Honor SeasonThe prayers are not a way of trying harder to drum up the courage to endure opposition as the messengers of Jesus. They are a way of focusing on Jesus's willingness to die for his campaign. We ask him to put his backbone into us so we can finish our lives honorably, loyal to the One who gave his life for ours.
Choose any prayer style below that will best keep you in SYNC with the One who showed us what it means to finish honorably no matter what it costs or how much it hurts. If/when you realize you are out of SYNC, admit it to God, and any of these prayers will help you get back in SYNC.

1. Set of seven informal prayers to use in a weekly cycle     

These are based on the seven Jubilee Verses that bring out different parts of the Honor Rhythm. The prayer is the last line of text with each verse. Use this option if you like the idea of "praying Scripture," and if variety helps you focus.
2. Same formal prayer every day for the whole season
Give us endurance as we carry our cross. Lead us on. Lead us on. Lead us on.
Use this option if you like repetition and want to keep a simple focus on the main idea. 
3. Simplest way -- no cards at all
"SYNC us with the intentions you had when you carried your cross and showed us how to finish honorably." This ties you each day to the two-word prayer for all seven SYNC seasons--"SYNC us." It is based on the Lord's Prayer. A good option if you want something that will work without having to look at cards.
4. Write/say your own prayer(s)
Prayer is not "one-size-fits-all." Please adjust any of the above to fit you better, or start over and create your own prayers from scratch. Whatever SYNC's you with Jesus as the Spearhead and Director of God's campaign is fine! If you stay in SYNC, you will finish honorably. The heart of the example and strength of Jesus is Hebrews 12.2, rising above human shame and receiving God's honor.
5. Bedtime prayer
Any of the four previous prayers can work as a bedtime prayer. Bedtime is the finish of the day, a great time to pray about finishing honorably. Whatever we have had to endure for Jesus during the day, whatever mud may have been thrown at us, we do not have to lie awake thinking of ways to throw it back tomorrow. We can rise above it like Jesus rose above the disgrace of being condemned to death. We can go to sleep inspired by his example if we focus more on his wounds than on licking our own. As the proverb says, "They tried to bury us. They didn't realize we were seeds."
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