Daily verses - Life
Taking Scripture personally

For convenient daily use of these verses, see SYNC "Jubilee Cards" - combining the "Life Verses" with Daily Declarations and Life Prayers​.
The seven "Life Verses" were already introduced in the "Catching the Rhythm" section of the site. The version used below in the Jubilee Cards - default wording is different, adjusted in three ways to help you take the verses personally:
1. Each verse in the "default wording" version includes a blank where you can insert your own name as you read it.
2. Each verse is reworded as if God is saying it to you directly. Sometimes a word or short phrase is added, like "Never forget . . ."
3. The wording of these verses is based on The Message, which uses a translation style that sounds more informal, like spoken English rather than written English. The wording in the other version was the exact quotation from the New Living Translation, which uses a more precise translation style.
See SYNC "Jubilee Cards" including the Life Verses as explained above, plus Life Declarations and Life Prayers​.