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The Vision Declaration (daily reminder of the "big idea") 
This is a day of the Coming King, and we see his glory dawning.

This is a day to remember that King Jesus is coming back to reign, and to live like it matters.
This is a day to remember that King Jesus is coming back to reign, and to live like that fact changes everything.

Use this or similar wording to keep the vision of Jesus' return on your mind as you go through your day. If you keep coming back to this, you are on the best anti-depressant known to the human race.

Don't focus on trying to make yourself a better trailer for God's movie. If you try harder to be more joyful, it's a huge burden. If you beat yourself up for not being joyful enough, that's even worse.
Focus on the King, his return, and his kingdom. Then your joy level will take care of itself, and you will do just fine. Enjoy!
FAQs about the Declaration


1. Where do we "see his glory dawning"? Isn't the world getting worse all the time?

We see glory dawning wherever Jesus reigns. Right now, that is inside of all of us who are inviting him to SYNC our life with his. His Holy Spirit goes to work inside us like an architect making a model of a building he has designed.


The model is puny compared to the reality, but it gives the idea, and it is proportional to the reality. If the real building will have three wings, the model has three wings. So the Spirit is shaping us, changing our attitudes and desires, giving us peace, love, and joy, turning us into miniature models of the future. 

We can't do this to ourselves. It is happening at too deep a level in our sub-conscious. That also means we cannot take credit for it. The glory goes to God, who makes it happen in ways we do not even understand. We say, "SYNC me," and he goes to work. 

2. What is the point of making a "Vision Declaration" at all? 

A Vision Declaration is a great defense against other things or other people who would like to define us. With the Declaration, we define ourselves.


As people in SYNC with Jesus, we are authorized to declare this central fact of the future, so go ahead and use your authority. Shape your world. Make your day by repeating whichever version of the Declaration works best for you.

Notice that the Declaration does not say we are sincerely hoping the King will come. It doesn't even call on him to come. It flatly declares that he is coming. The sun will not come up tomorrow morning because we think it will. It will come up regardless of what we think. That is the same way Jesus will come back, and our Vision Declaration is simply telling the truth about it.

The Declaration also says that we "see his glory dawning," or we "live like the fact of his return matters to us." Jesus came to bring heaven's transforming power to earth and he is coming back to finish the job. If we see ourselves in Christ, then we see we have a share in the same project in the meantime. We are to embody more and more of the fantastic world that is coming so others can be clued in to what Christ does with people who say, "SYNC me!"   

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