Dance to the rhythm


What happens when you start Seeing Yourself iN Christ

If the rhythm of the story of the world grabs you as you listen to it, you discover that you are starting to dance to it, and you will see yourself differently.

Dancing is responding to the beat, and you can spoil it if you think about it too much. When you listen for the SYNC rhythm, you will often sense that God is telling you or nudging you to do something specific. Just do it. 

Of course, you can dance on your own just for practice or for the joy of it, but dancing is primarily meant to be enjoyed as a social activity. So is SYNC. When we SYNC with Christ, we find that we are also in SYNC with everyone else who is SYNCing with him, and that's a great realization.

If you really get into a dance, it is like you are in a different world. Something comes over you. You become a different person, free from whatever was on your mind before the dance started. SYNC is like that, except that the effect lasts. The SYNC rhythm actually creates a new you as you See Yourself iN Christ.

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