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Co-Winner, SYNC 2020 Songwriting Competition, English Division

David Oluseyi Ige  
"The King and the Dragon"

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David Oluseyi Ige is a worship leader, a teacher of God’s word and a cross-cultural missionary. He is deeply committed to seeing nations worship the Lord with their unique and indigenous ways. He is passionate about raising godly youths.

He is happily married to Olukemi and together with their children are serving the Lord as missionaries with Youth With A Mission(YWAM).


SYNC:  What is the story behind the song? How did the idea start and develop?


David:  "I love telling story and playing the Kora. A traditional instrument used by the Mande Griot to tell story of great heroes. I have prayed to the Lord to give me insight regarding how to expose the deceit of Satan and to proclaim the freedom that we have through the death and resurrection of Jesus. The idea came as I was researching how to tell chronological Bible story and on the Sync website about the panorama story of creation to eternity. So I wrote the story down. Then when I was bathing the melody line came. I recorded it with my phones then finetuned the lyrics and recorded it."

"The King and the Dragon"

Let me tell the story of this great King

Who is the King of heaven and of the earth

His power is matchless, His fame is great

At the mention of is name every kneel must bow

And every tongue confess… He is the Lord 


Iye e, iye e, Iye ye i ye, Iye e, iye e, Iye ye i ye


There lives this servant with this my king

He was proud and pompous in his heart and mind

He rebelled against him- his lord the King

So the King decided to send him away

He became the dragon roaming about


Response:Iye e, iye e, Iye ye i ye, Iye e, iye e, Iye ye i ye


So the King created another being,

This man in his image was to rule the land

He gave him mansion in the garden of love

He lives to serve this King alone

Display his splendor, everywhere he goes


Response:Iye e, iye e, Iye ye i ye, Iye e, iye e, Iye ye i ye


But the Dragon was angry he deceived this man

To disobey his master- his Lord the King

The king decided to visit his man

With his wife they were hiding from the presence of the King

The king was angry for what they’ve done


SYNC:  Did you write the song in order to bless or help anyone or any group in particular? If so, who and how?

David:  "The song is for those who are afraid, those who have lost love one to Covid and those who are yet to commit their life to Christ." 

SYNC:  How does your song fit with the core idea of SYNC, which is that God is working a plan and we are SYNCing our lives with his work?

David:  "The song connects with the concept of Freedom. We lost our right and freedom when Satan (the ancient dragon/Serpent) deceived the first man Adam. But God sent the second Adam -Jesus who paid the price for our redemption through his blood. He set us free, he restored our relationship with God. This song tells that story."

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