Discuss "The Rescuer"

Two options:  
  1. Reflect with friends who are SYNCing with Christ
  2. Share the story with a friend who seems to lack the identity, security, and purpose the story gives, and discuss whether that person wants to say, "I'm in."
"Uprooted" is the title of version 2 of "The Rescuer" story. This is the "Roots" part of the SYNC rhythm. It explains the entire story of the world in terms of roots--how God roots us in Abraham and how that gives us identity, security, and purpose.​
With people already SYNCing 

Reflect on "Uprooted" (version 2 of "The Rescuer") 

The "Uprooted" story is easy to follow but it still may take a while to sink in. Your group might read it every week for a month or more, then talk about what God has done or praise God together for it. There is so much to celebrate! He has given us an identity and a share in his purpose. We belong to the part of the human race that is linked to him in a special way so we can bless everybody. It's fantastic!

How did that happen? That's what "Uprooted" is about. As we soak in that story and live like people who know our roots, we SYNC with God's ancient plan.

Our family ties and our ethnic heritage give us roots of a certain kind. Those may be valuable and at the same time they may get in the way of us finding our true roots in Abraham and Christ. These are not things that get quickly resolved with one or two readings of a short story.

With people who don't know about SYNC
Share "Uprooted" with a rootless person

Rootless people, those who either do not have or do not understand their connection with Abraham, are the spiritual equivalent of homeless people. 

The final question in the "Uprooted" story is: "What else would you like to know about this story before you would say, 'I'm in'?" The "Epilogue" then leads to natural discussion with a person who is considering whether to attach to Jesus and Abraham or not.


Note that the Epilogue basically gives warnings rather than trying to trick someone into saying "yes." Jesus does not want an easy "yes," and neither do you or the person you are talking to. A person who says "yes" without seriously SYNCing with Christ is going to be a liability to the plan of Christ. 

"The Rescuer" only takes 4-5 minutes to read aloud. It may take hours or multiple conversations to discuss if a person gets interested. It is not that the story is that complicated. It is just that deep. It summarizes and interprets world history from the dawn of creation until the end of time as we know it. Of course that is going to lead to lots of discussion. Expect that and encourage it. 

Instead of telling the whole story straight through, you might invite a friend to interrupt whenever something does not make sense. Or he/she could read through the story and bring questions to discuss if the story is of interest. Sometimes there will be natural settings where you can stand up and read or tell the whole story to a group, but the most fruitful uses will probably be settings where you take your time and let others ask whatever they want to ask.

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