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How does SYNCing relate to believing?

Believing can end in your head. SYNCing can't. It always turns into action because you are connecting to Christ, and he is working a plan. If you "believe" but do not do anything about it, you are not in SYNC with the plan.

For example, people may say they believe that the Holy Spirit came down on Pentecost, and they may truly believe it happened, but that does not mean they are in SYNC with it. It can be a dead or empty belief that does not influence them at all.


I may believe a certain girl will accept if I ask her out on a date, but my belief is dead if I do not act on it. On an opinion poll, many people will say they "believe in God," but their belief is dead. They are not in SYNC with God at all, and they have no interest in SYNCing. They move to their own rhythm.  

When we SYNC, we bring our beliefs into line with God's game-changing actions like Pentecost, and we bring our action into line with our beliefs. We put our money where our mouth is.


If I SYNC with Christ, do I lose my freedom and uniqueness?

No, in fact, the only way to totally find and express our uniqueness is by SYNCing.

Jesus is the most creative, liberating person who ever lived. When he adjusts our wiring, there is no way he is going to standardize it. He does not want any robots or carbon copies. What he does to us is to restore our wiring to its unique original configuration, which was the real you and the real me.


We were uniquely wired for a purpose, but some of our wires came loose and some got crossed. We cannot fulfill our unique destiny until the Great Electrician reconnects everything properly. SYNC is our invitation for him to do that.

Is SYNC just a form of positive thinking?

No, not if Pentecost happened.


If you anchor your identity in something that actually happened, like the independence day for your country, that is not "positive thinking" or wishful thinking. You are not trying to create something. You are remembering something huge that already happened.  ​​

What is Pentecost Day? And how is it a game-changer? 

Pentecost Day is the day King Jesus injected his heavenly power into his followers on earth. See the story in Acts 2.1-41


This meant that God's power, which had occasionally dripped on a few special prophets and leaders in the past, was now being poured out on all the followers of Jesus. It was God's sign that Jesus was indeed the Messiah, the one sent to bring heaven's power to earth and transform it.

In other words, Pentecost verified Jesus' proclamation that heaven was coming to earth (Mk. 1.15), and it proved that the power flow did not end when Jesus himself returned to heaven to take the throne there. Instead of leaving his followers with teaching they were supposed to try to live up to, he showed that he was still in touch with them, still empowering them to do things that are not humanly possible.


On Pentecost Day the main evidence was that 120 of his followers all began praising God fluently in languages they had never learned. Since it was a festival day in Jerusalem, celebrating God giving the Law to Moses on Mt. Sinai, there were Jewish pilgrims present from all over the world. They were stunned as they recognized the languages of their many homelands being spoken by local Jews who had never been there.


That day those 120 followers were "signals of the Spirit's power," and that is where our prayer for Power Season comes from. "Make us a signal of the Spirit's power. Let it work. Let it work. Let it work." And when it works, it will point to Jesus and the truth of his proclamation about the world. "You will receive power after the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and on out to the ends of the earth." (Acts 1.8)

Is SYNC like "spirit possession" but in a good way?  

Yes and no. 

Yes, it is like some force or being or presence beyond human nature and faculties is operating in you, empowering you to know and/or do things you could not do in a normal state.

But no, there are several huge differences between having the Spirit move into your life and being possessed by any other spiritual force. 

1. Instead of losing your identity, for example, speaking in a weird voice that is not normally yours, you actually become more fully yourself than you normally are. The Holy Spirit does not eclipse your ordinary identity like other spirits do. Though sometimes an individual may go unconscious or into a trance, that is a bit like putting a patient under anesthetic for special spiritual surgery. The Holy Spirit does most of his work while the person is awake.

2. There is no money involved. You cannot buy the Holy Spirit or any secret techniques for calling or manipulating the Holy Spirit. Such techniques are standard for calling other spirits. See Acts 8:18-24 for a story of a sorcerer who tried this familiar method.

3. Your link with the Holy Spirit is personal but not individualized or exclusive. Instead of raising you above other people who need to come to you as their spiritual guide or power, the Holy Spirit connects you to all other followers of Christ. Instead of giving you something to brag about, the Holy Spirit empowers you for your main mission, to be supporting evidence that Jesus' proclamation was true--heaven's power is coming to earth.

4. Your link with the Holy Spirit is never about the getting enough raw spiritual power to do what you want to do. The Holy Spirit's power transforms you, and that affects what you want. Your new desire is to SYNC with the Spirit's objectives instead of trying to manipulate the Spirit to sync with yours.


5. You never have to worry that the spirit you are working with may be overpowered by some other spirit. The Holy Spirit's power has no equal. Other spirits recognize him in you if you are in SYNC with Christ, and they back off. See Acts 19.13-16 for a story of why you should not try this if you are not in SYNC with Christ. 

What determines the dates for Power Season?

The three "power holidays" on the traditional calendar of Christians: 

Ascension Day -- Jesus ascends from earth to take power on the throne of heaven (his coronation after his death, resurrection, and commissioning of his followers)

Pentecost -- Jesus sends the Holy Spirit down onto his followers to empower them for their mission 

Feast of Transfiguration -- memorial of the one special incident during Jesus' time on earth when Peter, James, and John saw him "transfigured," glowing with spiritual power 


Ascension Day is always the Thursday that is 40 days after Easter, so it moves with Easter. (The date of Easter gets confusing because it is calculated differently by Eastern (Orthodox) and Western (Catholic and Protestant) churches.) Ascension Day usually falls in mid to late May. Pentecost is always the Sunday ten days after Ascension Day. The Feast of Transfiguration is always on August 6th.


Power Season is considerably longer than other seasons in the SYNC cycle. That is not meant to imply that we need power more than we need the blessings of the other seasons, though perhaps we do. But the SYNC cycle was worked out within the framework of existing Christian and Jewish celebrations, and there are few holidays to work with in June and July.  


SYNC is also built on the standard international calendar (Gregorian). It therefore is "out of sync" with many other calendars such as the Chinese and the Islamic ones that have a different "New Year."

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