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Final week a.k.a. viral week

God's strategy is that people who listen and cheer will draw others into doing the same. This is the week to listen to him about our next assignment in his strategy. It might or might not involve another Just Do It Group.

Discussion Guide for the final session


NOTE: The person who organized this group should lead this session. Read the black print to the group. The red print is instructions for you only. 


Catch up with each other and cheer each other on (10-15 min.)

1. How did it go with your “Just Do It” from last week?

2. What is one thing you are thankful for this week? (Gently interrupt anyone who gets long-winded.)

3. What is one challenge you are facing?

Listen to God (20-30 min.)


4. Have you done more listening to God for your assignments and more cheering for others than you would have done without this Just Do It Group? What good has come about in four weeks because of the group?

5. Let's pray for guidance about our assignment for the next few weeks. (Optional wording: Lord thank you for the assignments you have given us in this group and the help you provided so we could get them done. If it is time for us to start more Just Do It Groups, please put your thoughts into our minds about how to do that. If you want us to stick together in this group for a little longer, please guide us to that. And if you want us to promote listening and cheering in some other way instead of a Just Do It Group, please give us your plan for that. But please don't leave us out of your campaign work. We want to promote listening and cheering somehow. May your Spirit show us which way you want us to do it, in Jesus' name, Amen." 

6. Is it already obvious to you which option God has in mind for you--start a group, stay in this one, or some other method? Or do you want me to go further down the sheet before you say anything? If it's obvious, clue the rest of us in so we can cheer you on. And if it's option 3, share your idea.

(Depending on the answers the above question, you may omit some or all of the following sub-points and skip down to question 7.)

6a. If it's not obvious yet, I'll tell you up front that my long-term assignment is mainly to develop the Just Do It Group concept and start groups that start other groups. I'll start another one soon, but I can attend two in a week if you want to keep going in this one. If you start your own group or try listening and cheering without a Just Do It group, I'll keep in touch to encourage you. My assignment isn't just to start Just Do It Groups; it's to encourage people who are encouraging others to listen and cheer with or without groups.

6b. Let's look at Option 1 again. Is God bringing a person or two or three to your mind to draw into listening, cheering, and multiplying? They might or might not be doing these things already. You might know them very well or not well at all. Those things don't matter. They just need to be people who want the world to get better, who believe it would get better if more people listened and cheered, and who are willing to give the Just Do It method a try for a few weeks with you. Does anyone come to mind?

6c. If those people need more explanation about the "listen and cheer" approach, here is a summary you can build on (but don't overload them with all these details if they don't need them).

  • God is on a campaign to change the world, to save it from itself

  • The Spearhead and Director of this campaign to connect, heal, and bless the world is Jesus the Messiah, who is still alive and engaged with the world

  • God's campaign strategy is to put the Spirit of Jesus into the people who agree to work on his campaign team on his terms

  • The Spirit, a.k.a. the "Holy Spirit," or the "Campaign Connector," cleans these people up, unites them as a team, gives them assignments, and empowers them to get the assignments done

  • They do the assignments and cheer on other team members, and the world gets better

7. If you are starting a group, picture the people you will invite. Imagine how their lives would be better if they were listening and cheering more, and if they were also drawing more people into those things. Pray for them to say yes and to experience those things you are imagining. (Invite the group to pray blessings on anyone they have in mind as a potential member for their new group.)

Just Do It (10-15 min.)

8. Which option is the Spirit of Jesus putting into your mind as the right next step for you? This is your "Just Do It" for the next few weeks, then re-evaluate. Maybe God will want you starting other groups after that, maybe not. Just keep listening to him and keep cheering others as they listen.

9. Get the Just Do It ideas all written down so you all can cheer each other on. If this group is continuing, decide who will lead next week.

10. What do you feel like as you think of doing your Just Do It? Is there any way the rest of us could cheer you on or back you up?

11. Let's pray about our next steps. (Optional wording: Lord, Mastermind of the campaign to save the world from itself, thank you for showing us just now how you want us to fit in in the next few weeks. Please use us in the process however you choose at whatever time you choose. May your kingdom come and your will be done everywhere. May the whole world listen for your assignments and cheer as they realize what you are doing. In Jesus' name, Amen.) 

12. Thanks for being my friends and cheering me on. It's been a pleasure cheering for you and listening to God with you. And I'll keep cheering as you take your next steps.      –  END

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