What SYNC is


SYNC is a framework for  discovering what your life becomes  when you live it as an agent of God's ancient and future plan, totally in SYNC with Jesus the Messiah. Your personal agenda takes a back seat to God's plan and strategy.

SYNC is a fresh take on evangelism and discipleship, inviting you to dance to the rhythm created by  seven of God's game-changing events  in the story of the world.

The password is 1257  --  1 story, 2 words, 5 starting points, 7 game-changers. Enjoy!

SYNC's "fresh take" is a story not an explanation. Click to read a tiny summary of the story (2-minute read). It's a little like someone telling you about a movie they saw. They leave out a lot but you can still tell if you want to go see it or not.
The SYNC story has a rhythm or flow to it. The rhythm is complex and may take a while to learn, but if you like it, you can start moving to the beat with only two words.
Once you begin with these two words, you can explore the SYNC rhythm to whatever depth you want. The easiest place to start is with the icons, memes, or posters. 
The rhythm you are SYNCing with is set by the seven game-changing events that flow through the SYNC story from start to finish. These are seven defining moments when God does something that changes the course of the story from that point on. 
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