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Seeing ourselves as

Fruitful branches


We are fruitful branches on an ancient family tree

The Roots icon represents the roots of the Abraham family tree going down into the promises of God.

Why do we get to be fruitful branches on the Abraham family tree?


God wants his blessing to go to every family in the world, but he does not give it to every family directly. He created a special family through Abraham, and he uses that family to bless all the rest. Because of Jesus, we get to be members of Abraham’s family, fruitful branches on Abraham’s family tree. We see what God is doing and why.

God is keeping his ancient promise to Abraham. He promised that Abraham’s family would grow to become millions of descendants, and God would bless every family on earth through that huge family. Jesus was one of those descendants of Abraham. He expanded the family to include spiritual descendants, not just Abraham’s relatives by birth. That means we can be grafted into the Abraham family tree like branches being grafted onto a fruit tree.

Once we are attached, we have Abraham’s faith and Jesus’s life flowing into us by his Holy Spirit. Then we can produce "fruit" like love and joy that can bless many people. We are part of the fulfillment of God’s ancient promise to bless every family through Abraham’s family.


What will we do today as fruitful branches?

  • God wants to bless other people around us by producing fruit in us that they will appreciate. How can we encourage and bless each other in our family today? 

  • Who else do we know who needs some help or encouragement today? 

  • What little things can we do to bless people, like a smile or taking notice of somebody who is having a hard day?


Scripture that empowers us to do this

  • Key verse for “fruitful branches”: Genesis 12.3, all families blessed through Abraham’s family

  • The story of God’s promises to Abraham: Genesis 12.1-3

  • How we see Christ:  the one who grafts us into the family tree:  Galatians 3.29

  • Jubilee Cards 8-14, seven Bible verses (see under "Resources")


The story of the world, told in a way that shows why we see ourselves as fruitful branches on the Abraham family tree

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