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The game-changer
that builds your vision

and how it works

The story of the world is what it is because of a series of game-changing acts of God. The seventh and last in the series is Christ's return to rule the earth in person, our focus during Vision Season.

What does Christ's return and reign have to do with us right now? It is the vision that shapes our lives. The "5G" sequence below shows how this vision turns us into authentic human beings, at peace within ourselves and working for the good of others. 

Option: preview the "5Gs" concept in the "Cascade of Grace" diagram​​

1G - Game-changer.  

Jesus is coming back to take over the world and create the utopia everyone has always wanted.


The game-changer for Vision Season is Christ's return. This is the only one of the seven game-changers in the SYNC cycle that has not happened yet. But so far, God is six for six, so we have solid reason to trust him this one last time.

The ancient prophecy says, "As my vision continued that night, I saw someone like a son of man coming with the clouds of heaven. He approached the Ancient One and was led into his presence. He was given authority, honor, and sovereignty over all the nations of the world, so that people of every race and nation and language would obey him. His rule is eternal—it will never end. His kingdom will never be destroyed" (Daniel 7.13-14). Jesus claimed to be that person, and he promised to return to fulfill that prophecy (Revelation 22.20). That will be the final game-changer in the story of the world.

At that time, everybody who thought they successfully got away with something will see their secret in the headlines. All unsolved murder cases will be solved. And it will be payback time, except that payback will not come from the victims. It will come from the King, exercising justice.


Those who want to oppose the King and undermine his reign of justice and peace will be destroyed and excluded. Every tactic they have been using to maintain unjust power in the current world will utterly fail in the coming world. They will not be able to mount an attack on the kingdom or infiltrate it to do damage from inside. Their cause will be lost because the game will change.

2G - The Gift.  

The promise of Christ's return is a gift, a solid reason for us to live in hope. 


We don't usually think of a promise as a gift. A gift is whatever is actually received when a promise is kept. But if the promise is given by someone who always keeps his word, the promise is a gift in itself. We feel almost like we have the gift already.

The gift we get from this prophecy is a vision of Christ's return and the peace he will bring. No tears. No wars. No death. Not even any lies or gossip.  


This utopian vision brings us a paradoxical combination of calmness and intense motivation. We can relax because we know the story of the world has a happy ending, but at the same time, we can't wait for it to happen.


Jesus can't wait either. He is already bringing some of the future into the present by putting it into us. He is already present in us by his Spirit, gradually changing us into the beings of the future.

3G - Get it.

The gift helps us if we "get it" that Jesus is more a king than a teacher. 

If we see Jesus as a good religious teacher, we don't "get it" yet. Teachers may give visions of an ideal world, but the pressure is on their students to bring those ideals about. The students have to study hard, work hard, and get as close to the ideals as they can.  


Politicians and revolutionaries also announce grand visions. They say, "You are sick. You need surgery. We know exactly how to operate on you. We have the sharpest scalpel that has ever been developed. And we have a wonderful anesthetic so you will never feel a thing." But on the day of your surgery they show up with a rusty butcher knife, two aspirin, and 500 excuses.

We "get it" when we realize Jesus is more than a teacher or a politician, and he has more than a vision. He has a strategy and the power to execute the strategy no matter who tries to stop him or who lets him down. Jesus delivers on his promises. In fact, the name Jesus means, "The Real God delivers."


Jesus doesn't watch his vision fall apart and then scold his followers, "You didn't work hard enough. You didn't follow the plan well enough." No, he starts the strategy by laying down his own life. Then he takes the strategy into the next phase by putting his power into us, his followers. 

Bottom line:

  • Jesus was born to connect, heal, and bless the world

  • We now do the same three things in his name and with his power

  • He will return to totally do what we are partially doing

We get it.

4G - Go with it.  

Once we "get it," we live positive, radiant lives.


Once we get it that Jesus is the power who puts the future into us little by little right now, the natural thing to do is to "Go with it." We start living like we have one foot in the glorious future of humanity and the planet. We actually do. We already are free citizens of Jesus's kingdom.

Jesus reigns over us now, giving us some of the joy and peace that will be everywhere when he reigns everywhere. Whatever evil will be eradicated from the world at that time, we want him to eradicate from us right now. Whatever honor and praise the nations will give him then, we want to start giving him already.


Why waste any time getting started? Let's live the dream! (See "Living the Dream" under "Story of the World" tab or click here.)

Jesus, as King, recruited us for his campaign so he could show everyone how well things turn out when he takes over. In this way they could be drawn into his kingdom too. People are born with a dream of a glorious world of harmony, beauty, and joy, and when they see us, they should see that dream starting to come true.

This is a great way to live! As people with one foot in a guaranteed future, we can re-inspire people who have become cynical about the way the world is going, people who don't even try any more because they think nothing will ever do any good. 

We don't sit around waiting for Jesus to instantly, magically transform it all when he returns. If we sit, we are not "going with" his strategy. He gave us the gift of the vision in order to move us to action and to keep us going even when the action doesn't seem to work right away. It still points to what is coming. 

5G - Genuineness.  

As we "go with it," we become walking previews of the future world that Christ will rule.

We find our authentic identity in Christ the Coming King. We are 100% genuine people, locked into the vision of Christ's return to reign. We aren't in the perfect world yet, but we can see it coming, and as we focus on it, its power changes us to be a little more like Christ the King each day. 

Of course, we are not perfect, complete examples of the future utopia. We do not totally make the world's dreams come true. That is neither our goal nor our burden because Jesus will do that part himself when he returns.


Our role is only to give genuine glimpses into the coming world like trailers give glimpses of a movie. We don't have to be perfect to be genuine.


We prove our genuineness not by taking power or by doing good things that have great impact but by doing the right thing even when the impact doesn't look impressive at all. Our persistence shows that, against all odds, we still trust Jesus to complete the vision.


We see the coming world that others can't see yet, and we stay genuinely in SYNC with the King of that coming world. That is how his kingdom comes and his will gets done--partially now through us; totally later through his return in person. 

Diagram of the "5G Cascade of Grace" that guarantees the success of God's campaign. See "Success" under "God's campaign" tab or click here.

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