How "Glory Season" works

Glory Season

Nov. 23-Dec. 31, 2017


            This is a day of the Coming King, and we see his glory dawning.

What it means

            God has kept his promises as his plan unfolded. The only promise he still has to fulfill is the promise of the return of Jesus Christ to reign visibly on earth. But Christ already reigns in us, turning us into sneak previews of what the whole world will be like when he reigns visibly over it all. We see his glory dawning now as he changes us to be more like him, as his power works in us and through us, as our lives become more precious and more useful.

How it brings security and significance

            We know how the story ends, and we cannot lose because the Messiah cannot be thwarted.


The sneaky cultural assumption it exposes

            Technological advance has risks but will always do more good than harm for humanity.

Truth and plausibility in the assumption

            Technological advance is wonderful and does tremendous good.

God’s corrections to the assumption

            Technology is what we made, as opposed to nature, which God made. God made the planet but humanity made the Internet. That means we feel we truly “own” the Internet and have bragging rights to it. But our creation is a God-substitute, a false Christ, and in the end, our technology would get out of hand and destroy us all if Christ did not reappear in person to rescue humanity from what our hands had made.

The philosophical lie this declaration exposes

            Technology will take us into a Golden Age of comfort and privilege for all humans, and our race will go on till the sun burns out or an asteroid hits us.

The insecurity and suffering the lie brings if not exposed

              Reluctant gradual loss of human freedom, seen as a necessary sacrifice for technological advance. Since bad people could do tremendous harm via new technologies, the watchdogs have to watch everything and take preventive action. In the end, the good people lose, a few bad “succeed” or the technology itself goes wrong, and unspeakable destruction happens.


Response in our character if we understand the above

              Self-discipline. If we expect the return of the King, we do not want to be caught loafing or indulging ourselves when he arrives. Nor do we want to get sucked into trusting human technology more than we trust God. We will want to honor the King on his return. That is a powerful motive for self-discipline in the meantime. 

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