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The Power Declaration unifies any team or group that says it together. It is like the shout that a sports team gives when they put their hands all together before they go out to start the game. You may also want to use the Power Prayer with the Declaration. 

Part of the feeling of unity comes from knowing what to say. When the coach or team leader says the first half of the Declaration, an outsider would not know how to finish it, but the insiders all do. They belt it out.

​Group members may also use it as a greeting whenever they see each other. It reminds them of the group, and that is an empowering thought.

Caution: Know your group. Don't use this method if the group considers this kind of leader-response to be childish or odd. 

The Power Declaration and/or the Power Prayer strengthen the links between family members if used as a daily greeting, as long as the members are all trying to SYNC with Christ. The Declaration anchors each member and the family as a unit in something God did long before this day started.

It may be used at the breakfast table or at the end of a family devotional time. 

A parent may say it as a child is leaving for school or going out with friends. Or say the first half and let the child say the second half. Try it as an improvement on the basic, "Have fun," or "Be good."

You can also fall back on it in "panic button" situations in the family (see column 3). 



Greet/chant as a team

If a crisis hits and you or someone around you is feeling overwhelmed or paralyzed about it, use the Power Declaration as a your emergency response. It does not solve the crisis but it does stabilize you so you can process it and act in faith.

If someone who knows the Power Declaration is feeling powerless or is giving in to one of their weaknesses, you may sometimes encourage them by saying the first half of the Declaration and giving them an opportunity to finish it.


Besides outright panic situations, there are many "moaning" situations concerning some national or global news or trend that "we can't do anything about." You may reply, "Every time I think about something like that, it drives me back to the Power Declaration I'm working with this week/month. I would hate to be living in this world without that power." Let them ask more if they want, or show them the meme if you have it on your phone.

One of the easiest SYNC exercises is to make habitual use of the Power Declaration and/or the Power Prayer at certain points in your day. Also use them when problems pop up during the day and you or someone near you needs a shot of spiritual power.


Plenty of things will tend to knock you out of SYNC with Christ each day. The Declaration and Prayer overpower those things.   "The One in you is greater than the one in the world." 1 Jn. 4.4 

Greetings and panic 

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