Plan a holiday party to celebrate Life

One of the best things about SYNC is that it creates some new opportunities for parties that are miniature versions of the festivals of traditional societies. Those were deeply meaningful. There was a reason and a story behind every one. They held communities together, for joy and a heritage are powerful unifiers.

Modern societies have lost most of that meaning. Our parties are often for no reason at all except fun. If there is a reason, it is usually an individual current matter--a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, a retirement, etc. Nothing historical.

SYNC offers a way to get back to meaningful parties. Each SYNC season calls for celebration of some huge, game-changing thing God has done. In Life Season, that thing is the creation of the world and the human race.

There are a thousand ways to have a "Creation Party" or a "Life Party." Read Genesis 1 or John 1.1-18 with partying in mind. That is not how we usually read the Bible, but we should. The Book comes from a creative, life-giving God. See a few starter ideas below, or just plunge in.

Your goal during Life Season

Becoming more alive and more grateful to be alive. Overflowing with life so you enrich the lives of everyone you touch. Your party is one way to do this. 

Resources for your party plans

The Life Season meme

and/or the icon may get used in some way. The meme includes the Life Declaration and the Life Prayer below.

1. The Life Declaration

This is a creation day, and we are alive.  

A leader can say the first half and have the whole group shout the second half.

2. The Life Prayer that SYNCs us with the Declaration

Make us a fountain of the water of life. Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow. 

The reason for the party

If the birth of a nation or the birth of a baby is a reason to party, why not the birth of the world?


The big idea behind the whole party is that Christ, the Creator of the world, is the source of natural and full life. In SYNC with him, we experience life and have life to share. 

King Jesus is not just a teacher or a Savior. He is the source of our authentic Life--a great reason for a party!

Life visuals

The symbolic colors for Life Season are blue and green for water and plants. The meme has both in a flowing brook, which is also shown in the Life Season icon.  


The traditional Jewish toast, "To Life" is perfect. (In Hebrew, "Le chaim!" See humorous tutorial on English speakers learning to pronounce this.)

Party opportunities

Special days during Life Season

Jan. 1 - New Year's Day

Jan. 6 - Epiphany

Jan. 18 - Sanctity of Life Day

Feb. 13 - Mardi Gras


January 1

New Year's Day

As the first day of the year, this is the day when the SYNC Bible readings include Genesis 1 and John 1--God creating the world. Great time for a party. The Rose Parade has astonishing colors, all natural colors of flowers and plants. 

January 6


The day after the "Twelve Days of Christmas," Epiphany ("appearance") traditionally celebrates the Wise Men arriving from a faraway nation to see the baby Jesus, God's salvation for all nations. If that emphasis is kept, it fits with the SYNC emphasis on Life through Jn. 14.6, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." Jesus is the Life.

Another way of regarding January 6th relates to it being the sixth day of the year. If the first day of the year celebrates the first day of creation, then the sixth day celebrates the final, climactic day of creation, the day God created animals and people (Gen. 1.24-31). 

What a perfect day for a party of gratitude! We wouldn't be here if that sixth day had not happened. (It's also a great day to celebrate the birth of any babies in the family in the past year.)

January 18

Sanctity of Human Life Day

This American holiday is usually celebrated with reference to the abortion issue, but it is also a day to celebrate the value of all life. It makes no sense to protect the unborn but not the "born"!


Why protect fetuses so they can be born into lives where they will not be protected from cigarettes, drugs, and violence? There is lots of work to do to promote life for all God's creatures, whether in the womb or later.

February 13, Mardi Gras

This one takes some explaining. See next column.

Note on Valentines Day, Feb. 14

Most of the time, Valentines Day falls in Life Season, and that is a logical place to celebrate it in the SYNC cycle. Love is a major part of life. However in 2018 (and 2024), Valentines Day falls in Roots Season, which starts on Ash Wednesday. The date of Ash Wednesday follows the lunar cycle while Valentines Day is on the solar cycle of fixed days. We can say those are out of SYNC.

Mardi Gras??!!!

If you are shocked to see Mardi Gras, February 13th this year, as a recommended holiday, rest assured we are not recommending the debauchery for which it is famous. We recommend an alternative celebration on that day, like some churches plan an alternate celebration on Halloween, the other traditional church holiday that has got corrupted beyond recognition.


In your "alternative Mardi Gras" celebration, go wild with excitement about God's creation and his marvelous gift of Life. Get some music going. Have some great food. Have some good clean fun. Break up the bleariness of February (if it is bleary where you are) and throw a party!


Mardi Gras day, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, is the last day of Life Season. That makes it the perfect time to cap off Life Season with a party that will focus on enjoying, giving and protecting life. And you will not have to recover from it the morning after. 

What happens at this alternative Life Party will not stay at the party. That's the whole point. This party enlivens people, and their joy spills over and out to the world. There is nothing to cover up, nothing to forget, nothing to try to figure out how to pay for.

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