See Yourself iN Christ


SYNC is your chance to get a fresh take on who you are, what you are part of, what you are worth, and what your purpose is.

You get that fresh take on life as you explore God’s agenda and strategy for the world. And it is not a set of rules. It is a beautiful, ancient, complex story that God is still unfolding. 

Jesus Christ is the center, holding it all together, and you find your true identity as you "See Yourself iN Christ." We call that "SYNCing with Jesus."

Scroll down for resources on the "Vision" theme for the current SYNC season (November 24-December 31) or for the pan-seasonal resources that give the bigger picture of SYNC.

For the current SYNC season

How to move with the "Vision Rhythm" of SYNC, becoming a trailer for the coming world of peace. Those who see a movie trailer have not seen the movie, but they know what kind of a movie it will be. That's what we are--short previews of the peace Christ will bring everywhere when he comes. ("Vision Season" is the last of seven seasons in the SYNC annual cycle.

One-a-day reminders of the meaning of Vision Season. Each reminder combines a Bible verse, a "Vision Declaration," a "Vision Prayer," and affirmation about how we see ourselves in Christ during Vision Season. The seven reminders make a weekly cycle.

Guide for daily or weekly Bible reading so your vision of Christ's return gets clearer and has more impact on the way you live each day. You SYNC with the Vision Rhythm, the beat of the glorious finale of the huge thing God is doing in the world.

Pan-seasonal (year-round)

The big idea of SYNC, and the two words that summarize the whole thing

Song-writers and graphic artists -- a series of creative competitions using SYNC themes during 2020

The W.A.W. (Who Are We?) story is the story of the world and our role in it if we see ourselves in Christ. Each version (2-minute read) tells the story from a different angle. 

Seven seasons in the annual cycle -- Life, Roots, Freedom, Power, Mercy, Grit, and Vision

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