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SYNC is your chance to get a fresh take on who you are, what you are part of, what you are worth, and what your purpose is.


The fresh take is "CHB"--connect, heal, bless.

  • Connect = connect everyone into the story of the world the way God is writing it

  • Heal = fix everything that is wrong with the world at all levels--personal, family, tribe, class, nation, planet

  • Bless = supply whatever is missing for authentic life


SYNC is about an ancient and ongoing "CHB campaign" to save the world from itself. If you've been missing out on this one-of-a-kind campaign, this is the place to get in on it. Good news: no registration, subscription, or donation required now or ever.  Actually you might be part of this campaign team already even if you never described it in those words. 


To "See Yourself iN Christ," or to "SYNC," means that you see yourself as a member of his CHB campaign team. You can join the team with two words, "SYNC me." Then he puts his Spirit (his living "Self") into you to make you fit for his team. Through his Spirit, Jesus connects you to other team members, gives you your personal assignments, and helps you get them done. So there are two sides to this coin: you "See Yourself iN Christ" and you "see Christ inside you."

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See Yourself iN Christ

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