Seeing Yourself as a Finisher

October 9 - November 23, 2019

Grit-building materials

How to move with the "Grit Rhythm" of SYNC, becoming a finisher who endures because Christ makes that possible. ("Grit Season" is the sixth of seven seasons in the SYNC annual cycle.

Guide for daily or weekly Bible reading so that the grit and courage of Christ himself get into you and empower you for whatever you face. You SYNC with rhythm of Grit in the huge thing God is doing in the world

Year-round materials (pan-seasonal)

Great for building a positive identity in Christ into kids and adults. A set of 50 print-it-yourself business cards with Bible verses on the front plus SYNC affirmations and prayers on the back. (The simplest way to get started with SYNC.)

The W.A.W. (Who Are We?) story is the story of the world and our role in it if we see ourselves in Christ. Each version (2-minute read) tells the story from a different angle. 

The big idea of SYNC, and the two words that summarize the whole thing

Seven seasons in the annual cycle--Life, Roots, Freedom, Power, Mercy, Grit, and Vision

Discussion on a private site,, with others who are using SYNC and encouraging its spread. Preview and test SYNC content.

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