How game-changing events work

And why we need to SYNC with them

To "get in SYNC" with a game-changing event is to accept it as a fact and live accordingly. To be out of SYNC is to pretend it never happened and to try to keep living the old way.


  • NEW MONEY. When a country changes its paper currency, that changes the game of commerce. Some people might refuse to exchange their old money for new money. To them the old money feels real and the new money feels fake, but the game has changed. Their feelings are out of SYNC with the new reality, and they cannot purchase anything with the old currency.

  • NEW TECHNOLOGY. Game-changers may open up new possibilities. The Internet, the smart phone, and YouTube were all game-changers. People can miss out on a lot if they choose to ignore these and other technological advances and keep living as if the game has not changed.

  • COMPANY TAKE-OVERS. Some changes are a mix of good and bad. When one company buys and takes over another, the employees of the company that was bought out may see some advantages to the new relationship, but they may also drag their feet about some of the changes the new owners insist on. If they drag their feet too much, they may lose their jobs. The game has changed, and there is no going back.



Most of the world's pain and suffering are here because so many people are seriously out of SYNC with God's new reality. They keep on living as if six of the game-changing events in the SYNC cycle have not happened, and the seventh one never will.


They are out of SYNC, stuck in old patterns that feel more real to them. They either do not like change at all, they do not realize the new possibilities God's changes open up, or they think there are more down sides than up sides to God's take-over. Your job in SYNC with Christ is to bless them, giving them a chance to snap out of all that.

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