How to SYNC

 Four parts of connecting with God's rhythm

We will never SYNC with a rhythm we cannot hear or do not notice, so rule 1 of SYNCing is, "Listen for the rhythm." Shut out other noises. Concentrate. 



As a rhythm gets into us, we let it move us. We tap our feet or get up to dance. SYNCing is like that. It cannot happen only in our heads. It has to come out in action, and it does because the rhythm has the power to get us moving. 


If we enjoy a rhythm, we applaud the drummer who is producing it. Same with SYNC. It helps us recognize the amazing, complex, beautiful rhythm God has put into the story of the world, and as we catch onto it, we applaud him.

If we find a good rhythm, we want our friends to hear it too. So we amplify it over social media, or perhaps we play it for them ourselves if we can. SYNC is something you will want to share too if you get fascinated by the rhythm. 

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