International Orality Network test


For attendees at Orlando Sept. 17-19, 2018
and other ION members

(Not an official ION activity)


In the "Minute at the Mic" session in Orlando, you were shown this set of seven SYNC icons representing seven ways to summarize the biblical story. You were also invited to take the SYNC "two-question challenge":
  • Of these seven ways to summarize the biblical story, which one or two are best suited for your setting? Why?
  • How might you tweak them to fit even better? (Use TRACK CHANGES if you wish)
Please reply to SYNC at  Send just enough info to start a discussion with us. 
A community board for sharing will be included in the new version of the site, set to launch on Christ the King Sunday, Nov. 25th. 
See the  focus group option  for testing any two of the seven versions 
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