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Inviting 2-3 friends to
a trial Just Do It session

Sample invitation wording below. Adjust to make it yours.
If they need more info, refer them to the FAQs, but do without those if you can.

If you want to start small, invite just one friend. It will still work.

Inviting your friends might sound like this


I'm trying out a new way to make the world a little better, and I wonder whether you might want to get in on it. It’s called a “Just Do It Group.” The idea is not to figure out the method in advance but to “just do it” in one trial session of 45-60 minutes, then see whether you like it enough to do more. Are you OK with giving it a try or do you want to hear some more about it first?

[If they are ready to do a trial session, set a time. If they want more info, continue below.]


Just Do It Groups are a way for people like you and me to make the positive difference we want to make in the world.

In the group we listen to the Bible, God’s Spirit, and each other, and afterward we cheer each other on as we “just do” whatever we heard God directing us to do.


It's not rocket science, right? As more people listen to God about what he wants them to do next, and as more people cheer each other on in the process, the world gets better. Just Do It Groups get more listening and cheering to happen.

The trial session will show us how that works for us. You aren’t committing to anything beyond the trial session yet or even hinting that you might. We are just taking it one step at a time. So what do you think? Can you suggest a good time for one trial session for 45-60 minutes with me and maybe 1-2 others? 

[If they agree, set the meeting. If they still look hesitant, ask them what other info they would like to have before they decide. Then get into any relevant FAQs below.]


As you invite people, treat it like you are asking a favor. Don't twist any arms. If they turn down the invitation, thank them for listening and ask God who he wants you to invite instead.

FAQs about on-going Just Do It Groups (some FAQs may not apply to the trial session)


Is this another Bible study group? 

Why do it if I’m already in a Bible study? 

Is there a study guide or leader’s guide?

How much preparation is required for leader and participants?

What if people miss a session?

How many weeks do the groups meet before dividing or stopping?

What is the biblical basis for this?

What “campaign” are we talking about in the Just Do It prayers? I don’t see “campaign” in the Bible.

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