Join other dancers


The SYNC dance is like a folk dance with a large group dancing together, not a dance with couples. A folk dance expresses a group identity and reinforces the group's solidarity. If an outsider is welcomed into the dance, he or she enjoys a sense of belonging even if the dance steps are confusing at first.


This sense of belonging is absolutely central to Seeing Yourself iN Christ. You must realize that his agenda is to create a new, united humanity, and you are being drawn into it. In fact, that is the marvel of Jesus Christ. He is succeeding where all human attempts fail, and our dancing points to his success.

Is this "dance" just a code word for conformity?

It is true that some things have to go when you join the dance, things like individualism, consumerism, selfishness, racism, immorality, etc. They are out of SYNC with Christ's core agenda. He aims to unite the world with his rhythm. Those things always divide the world because they alienate some other person or group.

Of course, if we join the dance there is still plenty of room for individual expression, since no two people look exactly the same even when they are doing the same dance steps. Their bodies are built uniquely, and that uniqueness is accented not hidden when their bodies are put into rhythmic motion. But in the dance, all the unique people are moving in time to the same rhythm, and the aim is group joy not individual bragging rights.

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