Moving with the "Freedom" rhythm

PLEASE NOTE: This is the SAMPLE version. The Meme Contests in 2020 will be based on an updated version to be published on December 1st.


The one basic idea behind all the Jubilee Cards is that life is about us SYNCing with God’s strategy and his ongoing work for fixing everything that is wrong with the world. That is what Jesus came to earth to do, and that is what we are in on when we are “in Christ.” 

The set of 50 Jubilee Cards puts SYNC content at your fingertips in a form you can use at the breakfast table, in personal devotions, or in many other settings. The file downloads include several options of the wording so you can choose one that feels right to you or even customize one to create your own personal version.

Note to parents on using Jubilee Cards in family settings:   Building your kids’ identity, security, and significance


You want your kids to have a healthy positive view of themselves. You want them to know who they are and what their purpose is in life. That’s what SYNC Jubilee Cards will help you give them.


All kinds of good things happen when your kids realize that their basic identity is not built around expressing themselves, achieving goals, or obeying rules but around SYNCing with something outside of themselves, something that is already going on with its own life and energy. SYNCing with something huge, ancient, and good is not a chore or a challenge; it’s a privilege. It is our response to God’s grace.


That means you don’t use Jubilee Cards as a way to beat anything into your kids. You use the cards to help your kids see what God’s strategy is, how he is doing it, and how beautiful and good their identity is when they SYNC with him. 


SYNC uses seven word pictures to describe seven parts of our identity in Christ. Each one harks back to a particular game-changing act of God, represented by one of these icons. 

You help your kids recognize how these God-things changed the game of life and made a new identity available to them. They learn to see themselves in Christ as life-bringers, fruitful branches, town criers (or sirens or Liberty Bells), walking evidence, forgiveness agents, finishers, and movie trailers (or previews). Don’t worry about comprehending all these right now. The verses will clarify things for you as you go along.


Our basic identity is that of welcomers and sharers of the gifts that are available because of God’s game-changers. That’s who we are. That’s what we are here for. When we realize we are in SYNC with God’s strategy and purpose, we know we are in a good place.

Download this file to create your set of Jubilee Cards. It includes:

  • How to print your set (some options to choose from)

  • How to use the cards

  • Answering your kids' questions about the cards

  • A copy of this web page about how the cards build a lasting Christian identity into your kids

Note about download formats:


1. PDF printing problem. If you are not able to print from the PDF that opens when you click the link, go to the FILE pull-down menu and choose EXPORT TO PDF. Then open the PDF and you can print from it normally.

2. Word layout problem. Use the Word file if you wish to edit the wording and you cannot edit a PDF; however, Word margins can slip and cause many layout and printing problems, which do not happen with PDF. If you edit in Word, make sure you still have ten cards per page before you print.

FAQ:  May I order a complete printed set so I do not have to buy blank cards and print my own? 

Not yet. A link will be posted here when that becomes possible. We expect that to be just a few weeks away.

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