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The set of 50 Jubilee Cards puts SYNC content at your fingertips in a form you can use at the breakfast table, in personal devotions, or in many other settings.


The cards help you exercise your right to declare what kind of a day you are going to have instead of letting your circumstances impose it on you. So live within your rights in SYNC with Jesus the Messiah. You are a free citizen of his kingdom and a part of his ancient strategy to bring good to the world.

If the rest of the SYNC site looks complicated, leave all that for later. Try out Jubilee Cards as a simple but effective standalone method, one day at a time.

Jubilee Cards in the annual cycle


To use the cards in SYNC with this annual cycle instead of the 50-day cycle printed on the cards, choose the seven cards that have the icon for the season you want. Go through those cards, one per day, as many times as fit into the season. 


For example, in 2023 the season for the Life Rhythm is 52 days long. In that case, you go through the set of seven Life cards 7 times (7 x 7 = 49) and use the first three cards again on days 50-52.

Screenshot 2019-12-13 08.57.54.png
Screenshot 2019-12-13 08.58.16.png

   Sample front of card                                       Sample back of card

Downloads and printing instructions

Using the SYNC Jubilee Cards


Downloads and printing instructions

Before you print. Note that you have full permission to change any of the wording on any of the cards. Preview them and edit as needed. See “Other options for wording” in the download file.


8 1/2 x 11 paper

A4 paper

Printing on ordinary paper. Print the ten template sheets in their entirety. Fold each sheet in half vertically to get front and back paired as desired. Trim and/or tape the edges if you wish. Cut the cards into individual verses or leave them in sheets of five, as you prefer.


Printing on business card paper. To avoid confusion, print only one page at a time. Turn the printed sheet over in the printer. Print the same page again. The fronts and backs of the cards should now be paired properly, and there are two sets of them. Repeat the process for the other four pages. It is possible to print only one set, but the template has to be reconfigured. (Note to A4 users: the vertical spacing in the template is not correct for A4 cards. We are working on it.)

Using the cards

Using the SYNC Jubilee Cards


Jubilee Cards give us some new perspectives on God’s grace. We use them as one way of seeing what God’s strategy is, how he is doing it, and how beautiful and good our identity is when we SYNC with him. 

  1. The front of each card has a paraphrased Scripture verse with a blank line in it somewhere. Fill in the blank with your name (and another if you are with someone), or skip over the blank if it seems to strange to put your name there.

  2. The back of each card has the “day-starters.” Use these to shape your day. They are a good defense against letting your day shape you. They are for you; your day may be against you.

  3. The purpose of the front and back is to lead you to see yourself differently. Get the picture on your mind like “life-bringer” or “fruitful branch” and approach your day with that in mind. However, be careful not to assume this is all about trying harder. Forcing ourselves to be life-bringers, fruitful branches, etc. is as impossible as forcing ourselves to go to sleep. The harder we try to sleep, the more awake we stay. We have to relax. It is the same with “seeing ourselves in Christ.” We just relax and welcome the identity that God is giving us. That’s what is on the cards.

  4. Reflection in the evening. Thank God for who you get to be in Christ and for any chances you had today to be a life-bringer (or whichever word was on today’s card). If you have some mistakes to confess, you can pray, “I’m sorry, Lord. I only made that mistake because I forgot who I was. Thank you for who I am by your grace, and let me live tomorrow like the real me.” 

  5. Don’t make the Jubilee Cards a burden, and don’t worry if you miss a day or two. You are not trying to score any points or prove anything. You are trying to develop a new way of seeing yourself in Christ. Your aim is slow permanent change.


FAQs on Jubilee Cards


Why are we reading these Jubilee Cards?


Because the Jubilee Cards help us see ourselves in Christ, and that is the best way for us to start every day. Our days go a lot better when we know who we are than when we are mixed up, insecure, or when we just forget.


If we see ourselves the way the Jubilee Cards guide us, we will be good for each other and for everybody we meet the whole day. If we don’t, we may see ourselves as losers, weaklings, victims, or people who don’t fit anywhere. Then our days can get really messed up with fear, anger, shame, or loneliness. That’s miserable, and it can get us into even worse things. 


There’s more! The Jubilee Cards are only the tip of the iceberg of what the Bible tells us. If you look these verses up in the Bible and read the verses around them, you will see what we mean. Enjoy what is waiting for you there.


Why are they called “Jubilee Cards”?


  • “Jubilee” means a special celebration, and every Jubilee Card gives us something from the Bible to celebrate. 

  • Jubilee often means a 50-year celebration, and there are 50 Jubilee Cards -- 7 SYNC icons x 7 verses per icon = 49, plus one bonus verse for the “jubilee” number of 50.

  • If you see yourself the way the cards lead you to, you will be “jubilant” (“jubilee-ant”). You will love who you are and what you get to do because you are “in Christ.”


What do the icons on the Jubilee Cards mean?


Each icon is linked to one of the seven core ideas of SYNC, which are the seven gifts God gives that shape our identities in Christ. 


All seven tie into the big idea of SYNC, which is that God is working his strategy to fix everything that is wrong with the world. Our role in life is to SYNC with him and his strategy, which is revealed in the Bible. 

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