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Page under construction. Expected completion in mid to late April.

If you would like an e-mail notification when the update is complete, request it via the "Contact us" link at top right. Meanwhile please ignore the text highlighted in yellow.

Click here to download and print all 50 cards as shown. Your name goes in the blanks.


If you prefer to customize, you are in good company. Jesus Christ is the master of creativity and variety. Below are some suggestions about customizing the card content. The cards are your Jubilee workout clothes, and you want them to fit nicely.

1. Which Bible version?

The default wording uses personalized paraphrase format based on The Message. You may prefer the straight quotes from Scripture. In the downloadable Word document at the top of this page, replace our wording with the translation of your choice. Lots of options at


2. Which form of the Declaration?

See three options

3. Which form of the Prayer?

See five options, including two that do not use the Jubilee Cards at all 

Downloads and printing instructions

8 1/2 x 11 paper


Isn't it dangerous to add any words of our own to Scripture?
The biblical warning on this point, Revelation 22.18, is about adding or deleting things that change the meaning. The intention of these adjustments of the wording on the cards is to bring the truth of the Scripture home to you in order to move you to act on it.
That truth is already there in the Scripture, and we do not intend to change any of it or add to it. We do not think we have; however, you be the judge. If you think this version of the Jubilee Cards is "putting words into God's mouth" that should not be there, then ignore our version and print the verse from the translation you prefer. 
BTW, the bigger danger about Scripture is that we will read it and not change our view of ourselves to SYNC with it. In that case we are hearers but not doers (James 1.22). Use whatever version best motivates you to get on with the doing of the Word.


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