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BETA TESTERS: Choosing bits to test



We recommend a two-part testing process:

1. Choose and use one or two small pieces of the SYNC exercise plan yourself or with your family or a friend or two.

2. When God does something in/for you through that exercise, share the story of your change or experience with your friends. If people ask for more SYNC info, give it. If not, don't push.

Choosing exercises should be easy. Just poke around the SYNC exercise menus till you find something that looks like a fit for you. Try it out. See what God does in your life as you do that exercise.

Don't rush into step 2 by just "teaching" the SYNC plan because it is kind of interesting. That won't SYNC anybody. Wait till you have your own story of the impact of SYNC on you.

It is OK to post comments while you are still doing step 1. If/when you do step 2, tell us about that too, since that is what will make or break SYNC in the long run.

Who is a beta tester? 

This is an open beta. No sign-up. No obligation. You decide how far you want to go with it.


You may invite friends to become beta testers, especially if you can suggest a connection between SYNC and something they are already trying to do.

Why will a beta test last a whole year? 

The SYNC cycle lasts a year, divided into seven seasons. During each season, input from testers effects the design and content for the remaining seasons. This "beta test" is actually seven consecutive beta tests, one for each season. Testers may join or leave at any time. 

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