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Seeing ourselves as



We are life-bringers who enjoy and respect all creation.

The Life icon represents water and green plants—symbols of creation and life.

Why do we get to be life-bringers?

God wants his life to fill everything and everyone, but he does not just zap that into everyone. He puts it into some people to carry to other people. We are the carriers, the life-bringers. We see what God is doing and why.

We are part of a world God created. Beauty, music, children, food, colors, everything--was designed so that human life would be good and joyful. When Jesus came to earth, he took that to a new level—even better and more joyful. When we act like life-bringers, we are in SYNC with God’s plan. When we hurt or tear down other people, we are out of SYNC. That is not who we are.

We are life-bringers because we realize where life comes from. Since God created everything, he owns everything. That means that all the things we call “ours”—our clothes, our food, our toys—all actually belong to him because we ourselves belong to him. We just get to use “our” things for a while, so we should not act like we own them.

Instead, we should realize that life, every breath we take, is a gift not a right. Because life is a gift, our job is just to be thankful for it. Thankful people relax, enjoy life, marvel at it, and take good care of it. Our job is to share life, to be life-bringers not life-grabbers. Thankful people are life-bringers. 


What will we do today as life-bringers?

  • How could we make someone else feel more alive, more loved, more valuable today? 

  • How can we do that for each member of our family? 

  • Who else can we do it for today? Is there any way we together can bring life to someone or some group?


Scripture that empowers us to do this

  • Key verse for “life-bringers”: Genesis 1.1, God creates the universe 

  • The creation story: Genesis 1.1 - 2.3

  • How we see Christ: the Creator:  John 1.1-4

  • Jubilee Cards 1-7, seven verses about life (see under "Activities")


The story of the world, told in a way that shows why we see ourselves as life-bringers

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