How "Life Season" works

Life Season

Jan. 1-Feb. 28, 2017


            This is a creation day, and we are alive.

What it means

            We are part of a world God created. Beauty, music, children, food, colors, everything--is designed for a purpose. We were put here to marvel at it.  


How the Life Declaration brings security and significance

            If life is a gift, then our role is to relax, enjoy it, and take good care of it.  


The sneaky cultural assumption it exposes

            Life is about self-fulfillment, personal achievement, and/or acquisition.

Truth and plausibility in the assumption

            Life on earth is supposed to be good and joyful. We each have a personal significance in the grand scheme of things, a destiny that is the full blossoming of all the gifts we were born with.

God’s corrections to the assumption

            We can never really “own” anything. We have arrived in a land that is entirely owned already and not for sale. We have to come to terms with the Owner. How we relate to him is more important than what we achieve. We get fulfilled through our connection with him.

The philosophical lie this declaration exposes

            There is no Creator. The universe is an unexplained mix of matter and energy bouncing around according to its nature.

The insecurity and suffering the lie brings if not exposed

             No ultimate meaning or significance as individuals. We each have to create our own significance, but we can never be sure our attempt will work. It’s a constant struggle beset by fear we may lose whatever significance we may have gained so far. 


Response in our character if we understand the above

              Thankfulness. Realizing life is a gift rather than a right, we become thankful rather than defensive or defiant.

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