Seeing yourself in Christ is a day at a time process. End your week with one or more of these questions.   ​

  • Did I notice any evidence of Christ's power last week, anything that would not have happened as it did without him being involved?
           (If so, thank him.)


  • Did I act like a weakling at all? Did I rely on my strength instead of his?
           (If so, ask his forgiveness for getting out of SYNC with his power.)


  • Did I abuse any power I hold, making others feel weak or small? 
           (Remember that Christ died because others abused their power.) 


  • Did I empower anybody? How did that happen? 
           (Praise God for the privilege of being a power carrier.)

  • Bottom line: Is there any more evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit in the world today than there would be if I had not lived the past week the way I lived it? If the answer is yes, then heaven's transforming power is coming to earth, just as Jesus said it is. The purpose of Pentecost is being fulfilled. 

Looking back at your week

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