Loving the "Roots" rhythm

Like the other six SYNC rhythms, the Roots Rhythm links you, your world, and your day today back to something huge God has done.

To "SYNC" with that God-thing means to align yourself with God's intentions when he did it. In this case God's game-changer is his voluntary, out-of-the-blue promise to Abraham to create a nation through him that will bless the entire world. (Gen. 12.1-3)

The Roots Rhythm draws us into God's proactive plan to bless the world. This plan is centered in a tribe—the descendants of Abraham. We are adopted into this tribe through Jesus Christ. That makes us spiritual descendants of Abraham, rooted in God’s promises and plan.

That is where we get incredible security and significance. We know what our purpose is, and it is a purpose we share with an ancient, global, non-violent movement for good. Goodbye racism. Goodbye selfishness. Goodbye loneliness. Goodbye self-doubt.

God identified himself in a special way with the tribe/nation he created through Abraham, and he inter-tribalized the tribe through Jesus. The old form was ethnic, via physical DNA. The new form is pan-ethnic, via the spiritual DNA of Abraham, that is, the faith that Abraham had in God.

Now the new form of the tribe can carry out the mission that the old form had—which was to bless all the other tribes. But the new form of the tribe has no territory to protect, so it can carry out its mission with no attacks, insults, or bragging. According to God’s plan, the ultimate reality is not Abraham’s descendants against or above all the other peoples but for them as signs that God is for all tribes and is calling them all to himself.

From roots to fruits

As we get it, as we realize what God did through Abraham and why, we are mobilized to join in with God's strategy and his movement. We see ourselves as blessers, and we pray prayers like this:

God, please give [name of person or group] roots in Abraham. Draw them in if they are not already included among Abraham’s spiritual descendants; keep them in if they are. Give them Abraham’s faith, loyalty, and purpose. Make them part of the fulfillment of your promise that all peoples would be blessed through Abraham’s descendants. Let them rise above loneliness, alienation, fear, war, oppression, and racism. Let the suffering of the world be reduced because their lives are SYNCed with your plan.


We also become blessings, putting feet to our prayers. We make peace, we build communities, we smile, we encourage, comfort, and celebrate. And we don't keep the source as our little secret. We tell people how they can join the movement themselves--by believing that Abraham's God is their God, and this is his strategy for blessing the world.

If there were no God, or if he had not created his own tribe through Abraham, there would be no ultimate meaning or significance to any tribe, nation, or race. Each one would need to claim and protect its own blessings, including its territory. They would have to negotiate their differences as best they could. There would be no ultimate basis for bringing humanity together. It would be “Conquer or be conquered.”

In other words, we would have exactly what we do have in the world—divisions and conflicts that are the totally logical result of living out of SYNC with what God did through Abraham. But once we are in SYNC with the God of Abraham, that all changes.

Roots Season (March 6 - April 13) is the time to re-SYNC with the Roots Rhythm. Remember who we are. Remember how we got here. And act like it--grateful to God, desiring peace and blessing for all people and tribes.

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