Catching onto the Vision Rhythm 

Note: this page assumes you already saw the "5G Flow"
The rhythm of Vision Season is the rhythm of happy feet--triumph, relief, and joy. It's over! The Messiah won! No more crosses for us to carry. No more grit required.

The entire mess this world has got itself into will finally be cleared up. All wounds healed. No new ones inflicted.

That's how things will be when Christ the King is in charge of everything and everyone. It is a compelling vision. Jesus Christ will deliver the perfect world that so many dictators have promised but failed to bring.

Of all the SYNC rhythms, this one is the most fun! Honor Season was faith in the dark. Vision Season is faith that has turned into sight. Honor says, "The sun will rise, though we don't know when," and Vision says, "Here comes the sun!"

Catching onto the Vision Rhythm - getting the idea and the feel of it

Christmas season and Vision Season


Like all the other SYNC seasons, Vision Season links you and the way you see yourself to some huge act of God. To "SYNC" with that God-thing means to align yourself with God's intentions when he did it.


In this case the God-thing is that Jesus Christ was born to be King of the Jews and to rule the world, bringing in an age of glory by bringing earth back under the liberating control of God.


So where's the beef? Why didn't he bring in an age of glory?

True, the established powers rejected and killed him. He did not take revenge on them after God the Father raised him from the grave. He did not force the age of glory to start then. Instead he announced a grace period so that the people already in his "kingdom" could invite others to join them, living with him as their King.


During the grace period, he is not personally visible on earth, but his power for good is. He has injected all the citizens of his "kingdom" with his Holy Spirit, who changes and empowers them in ways that defy human explanation. As Christ reigns over his citizens, their lives become small samples of the peace, joy, and goodness that will be typical of the whole world after he returns. 

Right now Jesus is holding back. He is only the king of the willing. Others are allowed to ruin life on earth, grab for all they can, cause pain and suffering, and kid themselves that they are getting away with it, but that will all change when the grace period runs out. Their days are numbered. We don't know the number but we do know that when the King of kings shows up in person and enforces his rule, they are history. God's original intentions for the reign of Jesus will be totally fulfilled then. 


How will he "enforce his rule"? That doesn't sound like the Jesus we know

He used a non-violent strategy during his first period on earth, and he taught his followers to use it. But he will come back armed and dangerous, intent on taking power. His weapons will not be tanks or angels or an army of earthly followers but, can you believe it, his tongue! It is "the sword of his mouth" (Rev. 19.15, 21). When his mouth says, "You're dead," his enemies drop dead. No missiles required. As he spoke the world into being at the beginning, he will speak his enemies into non-being at the end.


It's only a matter of time, and Vision Season helps us look forward to it--a new world perfectly and permanently connected, healed, and blessed. We envision Jesus, the Christmas baby, all grown up as the Christmas King delivering the world from all wrong, healing the world of all wounds, and guaranteeing that things will never go wrong again. He is King of kings, and Lord of lords! Hallelujah!

Vision Season follows Honor Season in the SYNC annual cycle. It is the light at the end of the tunnel, and what a light it is! However good you thought Christmas would be this year, get ready for it to be a lot better than that.  

Moving with the Vision Rhythm