Seven successive contests in 2020, one in each SYNC "season" 


Create memes based on excerpts from the "Jubilee Cards"

Full contest details coming December 1, 2019. Contest opens January 1, 2020.

Objects of the contest

1. Encourage many graphic artists to create and circulate their own memes based on the many layers of the biblical story that are brought out in the SYNC “rhythms” or “seasons.”


2. During the full year of 2020, compile a gallery of 63 winning memes, nine on each of the seven SYNC “rhythms”. "We'd like to teach the world to SYNC," that is, we would like everyone to SYNC their own life with the life of Jesus the Messiah. Memes are great teachers.


Seven first prizes of $100, one per SYNC season

21 other prizes of $50, three per SYNC season

35 honorable mentions, five per SYNC season

Getting started

Design your meme around some excerpt from the front or the back of the updated version of the SYNC Jubilee Cards that will be published December 1st. They will be fairly similar to the current set you can see here.

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