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Seven successive contests throughout 2020, one in each SYNC "season"


Create memes based on the any of the 50 "SYNC Jubilee Cards"

Objects of the contest

1. To create memes that people who love God's gifts will love to forward to their friends. These gifts are brought out in the SYNC “rhythms” or “seasons” and summarized in the SYNC Jubilee Cards.


2. To create a gallery of 63 winning memes, nine on each of the seven SYNC rhythms during 2020. "We'd like to teach the world to SYNC," and this gallery will help the cause. 


7 first prizes of $100, one per SYNC season

21 other prizes of $50, three per SYNC season

35 honorable mentions, five per SYNC season

You may submit more than one entry per season, but no individual may receive more than one prize or honorable mention in any one season.

Winning criteria

1. Artistry. Strong, pleasing, memorable visual impact, whether or not a photo is used 

2. Congruity of style and message


3. Theme. Captures some aspect of the seasonal theme superbly

Entry process


1. Design your meme around an excerpt or adaptation from the front or back of any of the SYNC Jubilee Cards

2. Post your meme in our Facebook group, SYNC 2020 Contests

3. E-mail your completed Meme Entry Form to