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Seeing ourselves as

Mercy agents

We are mercy agents​, forgiven people who forgive others

The mercy icon is drops of blood, creating a pool. It reminds us of Jesus’s sacrifice of his life on the cross.

Why do we get to be mercy agents?


God wants people to be living guilt-free lives. He does not want them kicking themselves for the bad things they did, nor does he want them faking it, pretending they were never guilty of anything. But God does not just give everyone a free pass and tell them they do not have to feel guilty. He sends his representatives to show and tell how genuine guilt removal works. That is who we are, God’s mercy and forgiveness agents.

This does not come naturally. When someone hits us, the natural reaction is to hit back. They are guilty. They deserve it. If we forgive them, we think they will hit us again because we let them get away with it the first time.

Jesus shows us that life is not like that. He let people hit him, torture him, and kill him, but it did not mean they could do it again. It meant he was letting it happen because he realized he was an innocent, willing sacrifice. He took the punishment we deserved. His death killed our guilt.

When we see that and accept Christ's mercy and sacrifice, we are changed inside. We never really get over it. We start showing mercy even to the “bad” people, and that is how evil loses its control of the world. The "good" people accept God's mercy and become merciful people, so that even the “bad” people can change.


What will we do today as mercy agents (guilt-busters)?

  • There is way too much guilt in the world, and it really messes people’s lives up. Let’s get out there and put a stop to it in the only way that really works—showing people that we forgive them. 

  • But first let’s be thankful that Jesus forgave us for things we were guilty of. Then let’s start forgiving by practicing on each other. Are we still holding any grudges against any other family members? If so, let’s forgive them right now. 

  • Are we holding any grudges or bad feelings toward any other people because they hurt us or don’t like us? If so, let’s let those feelings go. Let’s forgive them like Christ has forgiven us—for the big things and the small things. 


Scripture that empowers us to do this

  • Key verse for “mercy agents”: Romans 5.8, Christ died for us out of sheer mercy.

  • The story of Christ one-time sacrifice as our High Priest: Hebrews 9.1-14

  • How we see Christ:  the sacrifice whose wounds heal us: Isaiah 53.4-12, especially v. 5-6

  • Jubilee Cards 29-35 (see under "Resources")


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